About Me

I’m Rebecca.
Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. It’s always nice to meet a friendly face, whether you are new here or have been visiting a while!
I live in South Yorkshire, England and I am a mama to one beautiful 3 year old girl and one slightly chubby Pug called Elsie. I have been sharing my thoughts here on my blog since December 2010 but it was only with the arrival of our daughter in 2013 that I decided that this would be the perfect place to document our life together as a family.
I write about everything from parenthood and pugs to minimal living, family adventures and life in general.
My quest for a more simple and fulfilling lifestyle is something I am passionate about and I use my blog to document my journey from one time shopaholic to minimalist. Whether it’s selling on eBay, paying off the mortgage or letting go of sentimental items…. you’ll find plenty of posts here if you are interested in embarking on a similar journey! Take a look at my Less But Better posts to get you started.
What else can you expect to see here? Well, there’s everything from Disney holidays and tattoos to home interiors and pretty much everything in between. Have a scroll through my blog archive, click on the tags in the sidebar or have a search if you are looking for something specific!
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