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Who doesn’t love a good slice of meat? Due to recent COVID-19 pandemic it has gotten a bit difficult to roam the market in search of things that we love to try but that problem has been solved in a very effective manner by the services of subscription boxes, we spoke to These box filled with meaty delights are delivered straight to your home. This is the best time to try new exciting things and experience all kind of varieties of meat.

The only problem the residents of UK have to face is making the hard decision of choosing which subscription they should choose to subscribe. Well to help you in that decision we have made a list of our top pics.

Carnivore Club:

This club is a dream come true for foodies. Every month you will receive 4 to 6 handmade crafted pieces of meats. The meats are delivered in a beautifully crafted stylish faux-wood box. Each month you receive a different style and variety of cured meat.

You can never expect what you will get because the variety is endless. It can vary from French charcuterie to Italian cuts.

It also has an online store you can visit to purchase and stock up on your supplies like pairing sets, jerky selections and meat samplers. This is perfect if you first wanna try the meat before you subscribe.


Ideal For:

People who like fine dining and are lovers of artisanal and finely cured meats. This isn’t the place you will find thick T-Bone steaks.

Why it’s a Winner:

The team at Carnivore Club have very firm and strict rules about ethical treatments of animals and slaughter practices. The meat is sourced from local sources which ensures quality but above all its taste is fantastic.


Monthly subscription start at £29.


Hello Fresh:


This is one of the most popular food services available in the UK. This is not just talk but they also deliver the finest food quality.

HelloFresh packages contain perfectly portioned ingredients so people can not only enjoy the taste but also enjoy making their own dishes. The plans are totally personalised and can be individually tailored according to your needs.


It isn’t an meat only subscription service. HelloFresh has options like “Meat and Veggies” to match the taste buds of all the foodies. These boxes come with delicious recipes to help prepare you amazing dishes. There is a separate pescatarian plan for all the fish loving foodies.


Ideal For:

Meat lovers who have a hobby of making and preparing their own food.

Why it’s a winner:

Easy to follow recipes whic require little to no cooking expertise. Even starting cooks can make excellent dishes. You get a nutritional card to help stay on your personal diet goals.


The plans start at just £34.99. This makes it at $£2.21/per meal. Another amazing reason to choose this box is that you get first time discount of up to 35% on the first four boxes.


Field & Flower:


Food and Flower has given new meaning to the word “high-quality meats”. It has been voted “Onserver Food Monthly’s Best Independent Retailer” of 2019. The products provided by the team at Feild & Flower Are of high quality. They are grass-fed, and sustainably sourced.


You can choose between three different sizes of servings to meet your monthly meat demands. Fish boxes are also separately available.


The subscription boxes include all kinds of meat form beef to pork to snicker and much more. The meat is delivered straight to your door in a well packaged box.


Ideal For:

Families who love high quality meat as part of their diet.

Why it’s a Winner:

There is no compromise on quality even though it’s currently catering to more then 10,000 subscriptions.


The monthly subscriptions start at £55/month.


Primal Snack Box:


Are you on a Paleo diet? Or do you just prefer the Paleo foods. For any Paleo affectionate the Primal Snack box is the best option. This company has the honour of being the first ever company in the UK to offer Paleo specific subscriptions.


Each and every box you receive will be filled with Paleo friendly treats and snacks including grass-fed biltong, jerky, droewsers, etc. As long as you are sure you selected the right options when ordering your subscription you can be rest assured you will receive 100% genuine products free from refined sugars, oils and grains.


Ideal For:

It is perfect for those who love eating clean or Paleo lifestyle foods.

Why it’s a winner:

The products are carefully curated according to nutritional needs to maximise the nutritional value and are delivered in a bespoke handcrafted box.


Subscription start at a price of just £17.99/month. You could also opt for one-off boxes.




A subscription box designed specifically for e Scottish market. This club offer many different plans which are categorised based on weight gain or loss. Hey curate the boxes based on your diet plan. The meals are delivered to your door on every Monday and Thursday.


The meals also come with a veggie and carb section so your diet is not only meat. You need a well versed diet plan to lead a healthy life and PrepCo offers you that.

The type of meats range from pork to chicken to beef and everything in between.


Ideal For:

This box is the ideal fit for professionals who want to achieve a fitness goal. This can range from slim to bulky what you wanna achieve.

Why it’s a Winner:

The best quality is it’s perfectly curated packages that are pre-proportioned to the smaller micronutrients. Let PrepCo do the work for you and you just enjoy the food.


The prices start at only £39 for 7 meals which can be upgraded to up to 24 meals. There are discount coupons also available.




Considering itself as the Number 1 alternative to meal boxes in the UK, Simply Cook promises restraint quality food ingredients and meals you can prepare by yourself. The recipes and the ingredients are delivered straight to your door in a well packaged box in a professional manner.


You choose the frequency and the number of meals you would like to receive. The subscription is fully flexible and ca be cancelled at any given time.


You meal comes with all he required ingredients but they also encourage testing with other spices to add a new edge to what you eat.


Ideal For:

This is perfect for people who are enthusiastic about international cuisine.

Why it’s a Winner:

The best quality that gives this subscription an edge to other subscriptions services is its option to add a recipe in your box of your own choosing.


Each box comes at a price of just £9.99. You also get a discount on the first order.


Some other worth Mentioning:


Some other meat subscriptions worth mentioning include the following:



It is ideal for the people who love finely cured meats and those who love artisanal prepared meats.

It’s well known for its uncompromising nature of quality.


The Key to Food:

This isn’t a subscription service per say but it has options for subscription available.

It is ideal for the people who less busy lives and don’t or can’t manage time to cook their meals. Plus it’s a great choice for wellness enthusiasts.

The meals are prepared fresh and ready to eat focusing on optimal wellness.


Cure & Simple:

This is the first of UKs bacon subscription service.

This is ideal for people who are enthusiastic about bacon and need more of it in their life.



This is the perfect box for families who love to try and explore different varieties of culinary delights.

It isn’t a meat subscription service but the meat offered is of the best quality.


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