Emilia at 2.5 years old

I’ve wanted to post a half year update for Emilia for a little while now but things have been crazy busy round here recently. I wanted to share this, if only for myself…. To document how much she’s changing, to remember the little things. Time passes so quickly and I am so thankful for every day that we get to spend together, she’s the most amazing little girl!
At 2.5 years old, Emilia is energetic, spirited and happy. Her brain is sharp, her memory is incredible and she loves nothing more than learning and discovering the world around her. She takes after her daddy in terms of brainpower, she’s one smart cookie already!
Emilia is a tomboy, for sure. She loves being outdoors, open spaces and room to play. She loves sticks, sand, mud and worms. She loves digging holes and getting messy. She’s not super keen on cuddles and prefers using mummy and daddy as climbing frames instead!
That being said, Emilia is caring and loving. Kisses are plentiful. She is surprisingly thoughtful for her age too, Her bond with Elsie is magical and I am so grateful that she gets to grow up knowing the love of a dog. Emilia is helpful and is always keen to help in any way she can. She’s very methodical and thorough. Keen to learn right from wrong and will (mostly!) do what she is asked.
In terms of likes, Emilia loves stories. Books are her favourite thing and we read piles and piles of them each day. She loves her Mr Men books and anything with numbers, flaps or the alphabet in. We could read and read to her and I doubt she would ever get bored!
Music is another true love of hers. She loves everything from nursery rhymes and Disney to chart stuff and metal. She will let us know when there’s a song or band she dislikes too, she’s very sure about her tastes already!
She learns by watching and listening intently, wanting mummy or daddy to try things first to check they are ok before she proceeds.
We take her to sports classes every week too which is something she really enjoys and gets so much out of. She’s quite shy but still sociable, friendly and kind. Other favourite activities of hers include swimming, trips to the park or library and absolutely anything involving animals!
I look forwards to seeing what the next few months will bring but if it’s anything like recent times, then it will be magical.
Happy 2.5 years, my princess!

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