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By definition, a freebie is a sample, service, or product that people get free. Some people consider products offered when answering surveys as freebies. At best, a freebie should come at zero costs, meaning survey freebies come at the cost of answering questions.
We all love getting free stuff, the only issue if knowing where to find them, especially genuine free stuff. One of the most common places to hunt for freebies is the internet. However, they come with some “strings” attached. A common procedure would be signing up for daily emails before you can go through the various free stuff on offer. If you look at it from the zero cost point of view, the stuff is not completely free, but the good thing is you have not paid any money for the stuff.
In other cases, you will have to chase after the free stuff, whereby a site expects you to click from on link to the next. You might have to do this to many links that you might thing and might not see the point. Many people often throw in the towel and despair, opting to close the site since they have not seen any free stuff come their way. However, it is not always a complete waste of time. If you stick it out, some of the sites are genuine in what they are offering. You will get the freebie, but this will come with some worthless daily emails that might flood in like 3 – 5 times a day.
Some of the online sites that purport to have free stuff turn out to be dubious and just give the genuine site a bad name. They are so many such that they make many online users believe that there is nothing as genuine online freebies. Therefore, this puts many is a quagmire, not knowing what to believe. Be it as it may, giving up on scoring freebies online robs you of the chance to get thousands of possible genuine free stuff.

My Favourite Sites –


I love this freebie site, they update daily with all the latest free samples, freebies, and competitions. They also have a great Facebook page which I check daily.
JustFreeStuff (
This free stuff site is very easy to use, they have fantastic free samples and competitions added daily and I go there every single day to check what they have added.
Few people know that giving free stuff is big business; well… it is more of a marketing strategy. One that actually works. Employing the use of freebies is a cheaper advertising and marketing strategy as opposed to undertaking other forms of advertising campaigns. Take it from this point of view; a company that believes has a product that is better than that of its competitors just need to offer free samples to its target customers. If the consumer likes the free stuff, it is more likely the consumer might switch to the new product. As such, the company can easily market their product without having to talk ill about rival products.
In as much as freebies are like a godsend, they also have risks involved. You should find a way of differentiating between a scam and the real deal. You can know you are dealing with dubious people or company when you are asked to give personal information. They say that you need to be cautious of stuff especially when the offer is too good to be true. Be keen and read between the lines when offer any free stuff. Question the reasons behind the offer.

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