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If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know I have a bit of a thing about candles. They are pretty much my one indulgence and I almost always have one lit during the day at home. They bring a bit of peace and joy into an otherwise busy house!
One brand I’ve had my eye on for a while but have never actually tried before is PartyLite. They are a brand I have seen crop up many times before though everywhere from local fairs to personal recommendations and I am sure you have probably heard of them too! It’s not surprising really when you learn that they employ over 68,000 consultants worldwide and are the world’s leading direct seller of candles, candle accessories and home fragrance products.
I recently received some products from the spring 2016 catalogue to try out and today I wanted to share my thoughts so far. I’ve been really impressed with everything, to the point that I have dotted the items all over the house as I can’t bear to put them away!
First up we have this beautiful pair of porcelain butterfly tea light candle holders. These are my absolute favourite products from the collection which is crazy as something as feminine as this would not usually be my cup of tea!
Each of the candle holders are made from a super fine porcelain which is just a few millimetres thick. The inside of each holder has a contrasting pop of colour, there’s one pink and one lavender. Once you place a tea light inside, these holders light up and provide the most incredible ambience to any room or occasion. I’ll definitely be keeping these out all through spring!
Now, you can’t try out a pair of tea light holders without having any tea light candles to go inside! I’m going to admit that I usually buy my tea lights in bulk from a certain famous flat-pack furniture store so I was curious as to what a more expensive version could offer.
I received a box of Wild Lemongrass scented tea lights from PartyLite and as soon as I opened up the box I could see exactly why these were special!
The tea lights are individually encased in a sturdy plastic holder and are complete with a superb quality wick. I have tried these out a few times now and the burn quality is clean and bright every time.
Let’s not forget the scent too! Wild Lemongrass is a perfect fresh scent, perfect for burning at any time of day. Gentle, fresh, slightly sweet and not overpowering. I think these would be amazing used on a warm spring day. They look absolutely gorgeous in the butterfly holders too!
On a side note, I love the PartyLite packaging. Simple and understated, very much my kinda thing!
Next up, we have the Berry Blossom GloLite candle. Advertised on the box as “the world’s brightest candle”. I couldn’t wait to try this one out!
The candle inside is a chunky 15.5oz double wick candle in a plain glass holder with no visible branding. This very much appeals to my minimalist tendencies, it looks lovely in any room of the house! Once lit, the textured pink wax of this candle radiates a soft, all-over glow which looks luscious at any time of day.
Berry Blossom is a completely delectable scent. Fresh, feminine and playful. I’m really enjoying having this lit candle as much as possible at the moment. It’s just perfect for spring!
Finally, SmartScents! Yep, i’ll admit I had absolutely no idea what either of these products were when I received these two boxes. After a sneaky search on Google though, all became clear….
SmartScents are decorative fragrance sticks that offer round the clock home fragrance. I received a gorgeous little ceramic white flower holder and a pack of five Peony scented sticks.
Without a doubt, I’m an instant fan of these fragrance sticks! They are such a versatile product. Each stick is scored into four so you can easily divide them up and you can use as many as you need to fragrance your home. I have found that two full sticks is more than sufficient for us. Also, with the SmartScents Fragrance Sticks you can mix and match your scents to create your own unique fragrance. Each stick is long lasting and will provide constant scent for up to 30 days. I really, really love these!
Since I’ve had these products on display, people have commented on the lovely scent as they walk into our home. As there’s no oil or flame, you can display this item pretty much anywhere without risking an accident. The no fuss design is also pretty pleasing. Simplicity seems to be a running theme with PartyLite candles. I’ll definitely be stocking up on more of these when I run out!
Have you tried PartyLite candles before? Let me know in a comment below! 

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