How To Make A Cosy Home

There is currently a big fuss about minimalist homes. It’s great to cut out the clutter and make a space that’s viable for both living and working in and honestly, you can be both minimalistic and cosy without having to scrimp on letting your style and personality shine through! With this in mind, let’s have a look at how we can get a cosy home…
Look at lighting
Lighting sets the mood, and so you want something that is interchangeable with the brightness or that you can save to switch on later in the day. The more harsh the light is, the less it feels like you can spend a long time in a room – it becomes too clinical. Set some dimmer lamps around the room to really begin to make it into a cosy haven.
Bring in the blankets
No matter if you’re chilling on your bed, on a sofa or out in the garden on a summer night, blankets are always a welcome addition for when a cool breeze hits us. Blankets help us to settle down and become snug. They also offer a great chance to snuggle up next to someone, plus can offer more decoration to a room. What’s not to love about them?
Make sure you’re properly heated
Don’t just think about how many radiators you’ve got in your house, but rather whether they’re the right size for the room and where they’re placed. If you’ve got any furniture in the way of the radiators that is blocking the heat from moving around the room freely, think about how you can rearrange the room to prevent this from happening. You can keep your bathroom warm with a towel radiator, which will also help with making your towels softer and something to look forward to when you’re getting out of the bath or shower. During the summer months you may not need to switch on the heating at all, but the sun warms up rooms quicker than you’d think.
Think underfoot
The main source of heat loss on the human body is from your head, but think about how much of a difference it makes when you’ve got something on your feet to keep them warm. Instead of constantly going round in slippers or socks (or slipper-socks, let’s cut out the middleman here), consider purchasing a good quality rug or investing in a carpet if you don’t have one already. It can really help to bring a room together, but also adds such a cosy feel to whatever room that it’s becoming an addition to.
Pad your life away
Cushions, pillows, throws, blankets – all together, they can create some of the comfiest situations known to man. Go as wild as you want to when collecting them. They’re the most well-known secret for a true cosy home!

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