New Additions to Our I-Spy Book Collection

We have quite a few exciting holidays lined up over the next few months and one of the things I love doing for kiddo is putting together a little travel bag for her packed full of goodies to keep her entertained on those long journeys and during the evenings after busy days exploring. I make one for every trip and they are always very much appreciated by her!
I plan on sharing a post or a video soon on some of the things I like to include in her travel bag but as an idea, there’ll be everything from a copy of her favourite magazine to small toys, her favourite snacks and small books.
You might remember that we’re a huge fan of i-SPY books in our house so including a couple of these in her bag is always a must-do nowadays!
We acquired a few new i-SPY books recently and i’m so excited to share our latest finds on my blog today. The three new copies I will be packing for our next holidays are “Flags“, “Wild Flowers” and “At the Seaside“.


The range of titles that are currently available to by from i-SPY is rapidly growing, surely a testament to their success! The latest titles include “Zoo“, “Cool Cars“, “At the Museum“, “I-Spy something beginning with….“, and “In the street“.
I love that these books are so well illustrated and are such a joy to collect. I know I’ve said this before but in a world that is constantly dominated by technology, I’m such a fan of any tool that will help children engage and interact with the world around them.


You might fondly remember the i-SPY books from your childhood but for those who are new to the books, the objective is simple and so much fun! Simply work your way through the book, spotting items and collecting points along the way. Once you have scored yourself 1000 points, you can pop over to the i-SPY website to apply for a certificate and a badge that will be posted out to you in the mail. It’s good old fashioned fun and we love it!


At the Seaside” is a brilliant new addition to our collection. Perfect for British seaside holidays, this book is crammed full of exciting things to spot! From ships and rock pools to paddling dogs and the Blackpool Tower, this book firmly encourages children to explore the outdoors in such a fun and interactive way!


Wild Flowers” is the perfect title for us at the moment. Kiddo is so interested in plants and flowers, continuously asking their names when we’re out walking. This book is colour coded, so it’s super easy to narrow down the flower once it has been spotted. It also contains flowers and plants that grow in cities, woods, ponds and in the countryside…. perfect for taking absolutely anywhere you might spot wild flowers!


Finally, we have a bit of a flag obsession at the moment so “Flags” is another title that is just spot on for kiddo’s travel bag. She loves spotting flags when we are out and about and this book will help us identify some of the more tricky flags we come across now and again!
Alongside each flag you’ll find important facts listed such as the capital, language spoken, currency, population and size. Such a fun way to get to know our world a little bit better! I just know that kiddo is going to love this one!
Are your children a fan of i-SPY books? Did you collect these books when you were younger? Let me know in a comment below!
Take a look at the i-SPY website to discover the full range of titles in this fantastic collection!

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