Food Subscriptions Boxes Reviews

Who doesn’t love a good slice of meat? Due to recent COVID-19 pandemic it has gotten a bit difficult to roam the market in search of things that we love to try but that problem has been solved in a very effective manner by the services of subscription boxes, we spoke to These box filled with meaty delights are delivered straight to your home. This is the best time to try new exciting things and experience all kind of varieties of meat.

The only problem the residents of UK have to face is making the hard decision of choosing which subscription they should choose to subscribe. Well to help you in that decision we have made a list of our top pics.

Carnivore Club:

This club is a dream come true for foodies. Every month you will receive 4 to 6 handmade crafted pieces of meats. The meats are delivered in a beautifully crafted stylish faux-wood box. Each month you receive a different style and variety of cured meat.

You can never expect what you will get because the variety is endless. It can vary from French charcuterie to Italian cuts.

It also has an online store you can visit to purchase and stock up on your supplies like pairing sets, jerky selections and meat samplers. This is perfect if you first wanna try the meat before you subscribe.


Ideal For:

People who like fine dining and are lovers of artisanal and finely cured meats. This isn’t the place you will find thick T-Bone steaks.

Why it’s a Winner:

The team at Carnivore Club have very firm and strict rules about ethical treatments of animals and slaughter practices. The meat is sourced from local sources which ensures quality but above all its taste is fantastic.


Monthly subscription start at £29.


Hello Fresh:


This is one of the most popular food services available in the UK. This is not just talk but they also deliver the finest food quality.

HelloFresh packages contain perfectly portioned ingredients so people can not only enjoy the taste but also enjoy making their own dishes. The plans are totally personalised and can be individually tailored according to your needs.


It isn’t an meat only subscription service. HelloFresh has options like “Meat and Veggies” to match the taste buds of all the foodies. These boxes come with delicious recipes to help prepare you amazing dishes. There is a separate pescatarian plan for all the fish loving foodies.


Ideal For:

Meat lovers who have a hobby of making and preparing their own food.

Why it’s a winner:

Easy to follow recipes whic require little to no cooking expertise. Even starting cooks can make excellent dishes. You get a nutritional card to help stay on your personal diet goals.


The plans start at just £34.99. This makes it at $£2.21/per meal. Another amazing reason to choose this box is that you get first time discount of up to 35% on the first four boxes.


Field & Flower:


Food and Flower has given new meaning to the word “high-quality meats”. It has been voted “Onserver Food Monthly’s Best Independent Retailer” of 2019. The products provided by the team at Feild & Flower Are of high quality. They are grass-fed, and sustainably sourced.


You can choose between three different sizes of servings to meet your monthly meat demands. Fish boxes are also separately available.


The subscription boxes include all kinds of meat form beef to pork to snicker and much more. The meat is delivered straight to your door in a well packaged box.


Ideal For:

Families who love high quality meat as part of their diet.

Why it’s a Winner:

There is no compromise on quality even though it’s currently catering to more then 10,000 subscriptions.


The monthly subscriptions start at £55/month.


Primal Snack Box:


Are you on a Paleo diet? Or do you just prefer the Paleo foods. For any Paleo affectionate the Primal Snack box is the best option. This company has the honour of being the first ever company in the UK to offer Paleo specific subscriptions.


Each and every box you receive will be filled with Paleo friendly treats and snacks including grass-fed biltong, jerky, droewsers, etc. As long as you are sure you selected the right options when ordering your subscription you can be rest assured you will receive 100% genuine products free from refined sugars, oils and grains.


Ideal For:

It is perfect for those who love eating clean or Paleo lifestyle foods.

Why it’s a winner:

The products are carefully curated according to nutritional needs to maximise the nutritional value and are delivered in a bespoke handcrafted box.


Subscription start at a price of just £17.99/month. You could also opt for one-off boxes.




A subscription box designed specifically for e Scottish market. This club offer many different plans which are categorised based on weight gain or loss. Hey curate the boxes based on your diet plan. The meals are delivered to your door on every Monday and Thursday.


The meals also come with a veggie and carb section so your diet is not only meat. You need a well versed diet plan to lead a healthy life and PrepCo offers you that.

The type of meats range from pork to chicken to beef and everything in between.


Ideal For:

This box is the ideal fit for professionals who want to achieve a fitness goal. This can range from slim to bulky what you wanna achieve.

Why it’s a Winner:

The best quality is it’s perfectly curated packages that are pre-proportioned to the smaller micronutrients. Let PrepCo do the work for you and you just enjoy the food.


The prices start at only £39 for 7 meals which can be upgraded to up to 24 meals. There are discount coupons also available.




Considering itself as the Number 1 alternative to meal boxes in the UK, Simply Cook promises restraint quality food ingredients and meals you can prepare by yourself. The recipes and the ingredients are delivered straight to your door in a well packaged box in a professional manner.


You choose the frequency and the number of meals you would like to receive. The subscription is fully flexible and ca be cancelled at any given time.


You meal comes with all he required ingredients but they also encourage testing with other spices to add a new edge to what you eat.


Ideal For:

This is perfect for people who are enthusiastic about international cuisine.

Why it’s a Winner:

The best quality that gives this subscription an edge to other subscriptions services is its option to add a recipe in your box of your own choosing.


Each box comes at a price of just £9.99. You also get a discount on the first order.


Some other worth Mentioning:


Some other meat subscriptions worth mentioning include the following:



It is ideal for the people who love finely cured meats and those who love artisanal prepared meats.

It’s well known for its uncompromising nature of quality.


The Key to Food:

This isn’t a subscription service per say but it has options for subscription available.

It is ideal for the people who less busy lives and don’t or can’t manage time to cook their meals. Plus it’s a great choice for wellness enthusiasts.

The meals are prepared fresh and ready to eat focusing on optimal wellness.


Cure & Simple:

This is the first of UKs bacon subscription service.

This is ideal for people who are enthusiastic about bacon and need more of it in their life.



This is the perfect box for families who love to try and explore different varieties of culinary delights.

It isn’t a meat subscription service but the meat offered is of the best quality.


Review // Seaside Apartment at Butlins, Skegness

On our recent trip to Butlins in Skegness, we had the pleasure of staying in a Seaside Apartment which was so beautiful and well equipped that I felt it deserved a blog post all of its own! Located in the heart of the resort and just a short walk to pretty much everything, these recently refurbished apartments are the perfect base for making the most of your time in Butlins.
The seaside apartments are inspired by the nostalgia of the British seaside and the interiors are bright, colourful and cheerful. Inside you’ll find a spacious open plan living/dining/kitchen space complete with cosy L-shaped sofa and all over you’ll find quirky nods towards our love for the British seaside; a pin the tail on the donkey game, ice cream cushions and fluffy cloud shaped lights. Sleeping up to four people in two bedrooms and with a choice of either a balcony or patio, the seaside apartments are just perfect for small families.
Let’s have a look around!
The open plan living, dining and kitchen space was definitely our favourite part of the apartment. It was cosy, comfortable and spacious. French windows offered plenty of natural light and these opened out onto a balcony area complete with table and chairs, perfect for outdoor dining had the weather been better (it was freezing, boo!).
We loved snuggling up on the sofa each evening, planning our activities for the following day. Kiddo loved the large television and we loved the addition of USB charging points, good lighting and ample heating. No detail left out!
The kitchen area is well equipped and has everything you need to make meals from the comfort of your apartment. As you can see below, there is a microwave, fridge, kettle and toaster. The cupboards also contain all the crockery, cooking equipment and cutlery that you’d expect from self catering accommodation.
We purchased the premium dining plan for our stay in Butlins so we didn’t have chance to use the kitchen properly but we loved the fact that our tea and coffee supply was kept fully topped up throughout our stay. It’s worth knowing that housekeeping and towels are included in the price of a stay in a Seaside Apartment as it’s something that you’d normally have to pay extra for.
The two bedrooms were both spotlessly clean, comfortable and cosy. Again, the interiors were bright and cheerful but both rooms were also super relaxing and not at all overwhelming with their decor…. just perfect for a peaceful nights sleep!
The double bedroom came with two bedside tables, cosy wall lights and an open storage system with mounted television, a safe to store your valuables, hangers and a built-in dressing table. Also, plug sockets beside the bed…. this pleased me no end!
The little dressing table with overhead lighting was a winner for me. The natural light pouring through the window next to it meant that it was a lovely place to get ready each morning!
A hairdryer is also included and yes, it was a good one! I find it such a disappointment when you stay somewhere and the hairdryer they offer is substandard….. It’s one of my pet hates for sure!
I just wanted to share a photograph of the blinds (which are the same in both bedrooms). Not only were they super cute, they also blocked out the light meaning that we didn’t wake too early and were child friendly too. No dangerous cords dangling around!
The twin bedroom was just across the hallway and had the cutest pink cloud shaped nighlight on the wall. Perfect for children who do not like to sleep in complete darkness! The layout in here was similar to the double bedroom although there was no TV in this room. Again, child friendly touches such as plug socket covers and heating that could be switched off at the wall were included meaning that bedtime was safe, comfortable and cosy for little ones.
I must say that all of the beds were super comfortable, we all slept really well during our time here!
Overall we were really impressed with our stay in a Seaside Apartment at Butlins, Skegness. My only complaint really is that we heard a lot of noise from the people staying next door (screaming babies mostly!) throughout the duration of our stay. Other than that though, our accommodation was absolutely perfect in providing everything that we needed for a fun and relaxing stay. We had such a fantastic time and I would not hesitate in booking a Seaside Apartment again next time!

A Wish List // Bedside Lamps

I mentioned a little while ago that I was looking to purchase a few bits and bobs to finish off our bedroom and make it more ‘us’ again. My most recent search for a throw or blanket for the bed resulted in the purchase of a lush dark silver velvet quilt from Laura Ashley. It’s just lovely and one of those items that will go with pretty much anything. I absolutely adore it!
So, next on my radar are bedside lamps. As we don’t have many actual ‘things’ left in our bedroom, I’m quite happy for something functional like a pair of lamps to become a focal point. Luckily, there are heaps of beautiful lamps to choose from out there!
Super important factors I have been looking for are being able to easily keep them clean (I hate dusting!) and they need to be pretty sturdy…. having a toddler and a dog who think your bed is a trampoline, this is an absolute must!
Here are the top five table lamps that I have my eye on at the moment. Which would you choose? Let me know in a comment!

Emilia at 2.5 years old

I’ve wanted to post a half year update for Emilia for a little while now but things have been crazy busy round here recently. I wanted to share this, if only for myself…. To document how much she’s changing, to remember the little things. Time passes so quickly and I am so thankful for every day that we get to spend together, she’s the most amazing little girl!
At 2.5 years old, Emilia is energetic, spirited and happy. Her brain is sharp, her memory is incredible and she loves nothing more than learning and discovering the world around her. She takes after her daddy in terms of brainpower, she’s one smart cookie already!
Emilia is a tomboy, for sure. She loves being outdoors, open spaces and room to play. She loves sticks, sand, mud and worms. She loves digging holes and getting messy. She’s not super keen on cuddles and prefers using mummy and daddy as climbing frames instead!
That being said, Emilia is caring and loving. Kisses are plentiful. She is surprisingly thoughtful for her age too, Her bond with Elsie is magical and I am so grateful that she gets to grow up knowing the love of a dog. Emilia is helpful and is always keen to help in any way she can. She’s very methodical and thorough. Keen to learn right from wrong and will (mostly!) do what she is asked.
In terms of likes, Emilia loves stories. Books are her favourite thing and we read piles and piles of them each day. She loves her Mr Men books and anything with numbers, flaps or the alphabet in. We could read and read to her and I doubt she would ever get bored!
Music is another true love of hers. She loves everything from nursery rhymes and Disney to chart stuff and metal. She will let us know when there’s a song or band she dislikes too, she’s very sure about her tastes already!
She learns by watching and listening intently, wanting mummy or daddy to try things first to check they are ok before she proceeds.
We take her to sports classes every week too which is something she really enjoys and gets so much out of. She’s quite shy but still sociable, friendly and kind. Other favourite activities of hers include swimming, trips to the park or library and absolutely anything involving animals!
I look forwards to seeing what the next few months will bring but if it’s anything like recent times, then it will be magical.
Happy 2.5 years, my princess!

Attic Plans // Paint colours, Clutter and New Blinds!

The large bedroom room at the very top of our house is currently lacking both purpose and personality. Ever since we moved in, we’ve had no real use for it and so it has become the dumping ground for all our clutter.
Currently I use it as an eBay room/office and Emilia uses it as a play room, of sorts! There’s a bed, a desk and a whole heap of junk that I am still working through selling/donating/etc. My absolute main goal for this year is to finally clear every last item that we no longer use and turn this room into a proper office and guest bedroom.
First thing I’ll be doing is getting rid of that kingfisher blue wall for sure! I’m really into neutrals at the moment and once the room has been decorated it’ll be time to get started on lighting, blinds, new bedding and storage.
These are some of the paint shades I am debating at the moment for that back wall and the rest of the room. All of them are good old Farrow & Ball!
The other bits that we need to purchase will be essential to make the room fit for purpose. An ergonomic office chair, good lighting and suitable blinds are essential if I’m going to get any work done in there!
I’m all over anything that is well designed and will last for years and this article I read recently on the rise of ‘buy me once’ shopping has really inspired me to continue buying better quality products that last a lifetime.
I really like the idea of the 2-in-1 VELUX blackout and awning blinds from the VELUX shop. Our attic gets insufferably hot in the summer and these blinds offer the solution of providing blackout as well as effective light and heat control. Usually I have to relocate to working downstairs in the summer as the room gets so hot so this would be absolutely ideal!
According to the website, this particular blind solution offers 100% blackout and 90% heat reduction. Perfect for a guest bedroom and day office solution! Also, if we do go down the route of turning this room into Emilia’s bedroom further down the line, the VELUX Blinds website also sell a range of themed blinds suitable for children including both Disney and Star Wars designs. They look incredible!
We have so many options for this room. I can’t wait to finish clearing out the clutter and make it usable again!

Do’s and Don’ts of speeding up your next DIY decor job!

Working on your home can take up a lot of your time. If you want to wallpaper a room or install a new kitchen, you need to allow for the time required to get the job done properly. If you decide you’re going to do it yourself, you might be thinking of ways you can cut some corners and get the job done more quickly. After all, you could be leaving a room in your house unusable for as long as it takes you to finish. However, you need to be careful with how you choose to save time on your DIY projects. Some tricks are smart, delivering great results in less time. But other methods will have you wishing that you had taken your time instead. Here are some “do”s and “don’t”s for your next project.
Do: Get People to Help You Out
Many hands make light work, as they say. You might be planning to take on a project on your own, but before you go solo, think about whether it might be better with more people to help you. Even just one more set of hands to help you get everything done can make it all go much faster. You might ask some friends or family members to pitch in (in exchange for pizza and beer), or you could consider hiring a professional to help. If you want to get things down quickly without rushing too much, getting some help should make things easier.
Don’t: Have Too Many People Pitching In
On the other hands, there’s also such a thing as having too much help. It can be hard to coordinate everyone if there are a few of you. You could end up with inconsistent results if everyone is doing their own thing. If there are too many people, you could have less space to work and perhaps just be tripping over everyone. You don’t need five people to paint one room. Before you invite everyone you know to help you, think about how much help you really need. Some tasks only need one person to get them done, or maybe two if you want to go a little faster.
Do: Avoid Obsessing Over Small Details
If you’re a perfectionist, you might already be planning everything down to the last detail. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of what you’re doing, especially if you’re trying something new. You want to get it right and feel proud of what you’ve achieved. So even the smallest details seem extremely important, and you want to pay attention to each one. But if you spend too much time obsessing over details, you’re going to take a lot longer to finish your project. You can do a good job without taking a painstaking approach to every move you make.
Don’t: Do a Sloppy Job to Save Time
Finding a happy medium between going fast enough to save some time and slow enough to do the job right can be hard. However, just because you’re trying to avoid taking too much time, it doesn’t mean you should rush too much. There are some times when it’s appropriate to say “that will do” and other times when you should be more careful. If it’s a case of something looking obviously half-done or being structurally unsound, you need to spend more time working on it. Go slow enough to do the job right, but not so slowly that you’re wasting time.
Do: Look for the Right Tools
When you’re trying to get a job done more quickly, having the right tools can make a huge difference. With the correct equipment, you can make everything go faster without compromising on the quality of your results. For example, if you want to paint a room, fence or even a deck, you might plan to use brushes and paint rollers. But if you consider alternatives, you could pick up the best paint sprayer for the job. You’ll be able to cover larger areas and apply a more event coat of paint. If you want to sand something down, a sanding machine can help you do larger areas much faster than sanding by hand.
Don’t: Waste Time Using Tools You Don’t Need
Sometimes, you need a fancy piece of equipment to help you get the job done faster. On other occasions, you’ll simply be wasting time messing around with tools that aren’t necessary. What’s more, you might waste money buying or renting equipment that’s never of any use to you. Before you get any new tools, think about whether you really need them. Some equipment could take you long enough to master that you could have got the job done in the time you spent learning to use it. It’s not always the best choice to look for powerful tools to use, so don’t rush into buying or renting them.
Do: Keep Things Neat and Tidy
You might be surprised by the things that can slow you down when you’re trying to get a job done. If your workspace is cluttered, it can be difficult to do what you need to. You can have things getting in your way and tripping you up, which isn’t helpful if you want to work quickly. If you take a few minutes to tidy up after yourself each day, you’ll find it much easier to get straight to work, without anything getting in your way or making the job more difficult. Clean up as you go too so that you’re not faced with a big mess at the end of the day.
Don’t: Spend All Your Time Cleaning
Even though you should keep things neat and tidy, you also shouldn’t waste time on trying to be too neat. Any DIY job is going to create some mess, and you can’t clean it all up as you go along. If you try, you could end up spending more time stopping to wipe down splashes and sawdust than you do actually working. Protect anything you want to keep clean with sheets or plastic covers, and you won’t have to worry so much about everything being too messy.
Do: Be Well Prepared Before You Start
Any job will go much quicker if you know what you need to do before you get started. If you jump right in, anything you do might not have a whole lot of direction. You could end up going back on yourself or accidentally skipping stuff because you haven’t outlined your plan. Before you start working on your project, you should create a list of the steps you need to take in order. Make sure you have everything you need to so that you don’t waste time looking for things you need. It’s especially important to work quickly on some jobs, like when you’re using material that will set once you’ve applied it.
Don’t: Waste Time By Being Over-prepared
Although you should get ready before you start working, you don’t need to spend too much time preparing. If you obsess over what you need to do too much, you could end up putting off your DIY project for ages. Make sure you set a date and time for when you’re going to start so that waste all your time planning. If you spend too long thinking about which materials to use and what moves to make, all your free time could slip away from you.

Mayfield Animal Park

We decided to purchase annual passes for Mayfield Animal Park in Sheffield. We’ve been visiting for years and with Emilia being such a lover of animals, it just made sense! The park is just the right size for her to explore without getting too tired and there is heaps to do and see. She’s rather fond of the alpacas and I must admit that they are my favourites too…. those beautiful big eyes and animated facial expressions, they are just too adorable for words! Here are a few snaps from our last visit there….

Less But Better // eBay & I

In 2004 I listed and sold my first ever item on eBay. 12 whole years ago. It was a battered old poster of the Manic Street Preachers, the same one as this. It was torn down the middle and had numerous drawing pin holes in each of the corners. It was tatty and beyond being hung again but I couldn’t face to see it go in the bin. Amazingly, someone else saw the worth of this item and it sold for £45.00.
So, I listed another item soon after. A 3 track CD single by Rammstein that I picked up in a record shop in Leeds for £1.00. It sold for £120.00. Crazy.
From then on, I was hooked! 
I rarely mention eBay in real life or on social media but honestly, it has become such a huge part of my life that I find it hard to imagine a life without it. There’s no doubt that I have an eye for a bargain and love nothing more than selling for profit. At the same time though, I also have absolutely no qualms spending a lot of money on something if I know it will retain resale value once I have done with it!
I’ve been very lucky that my sales there over the years have funded everything from little luxuries to expensive Disney holidays, tattoos and even our wedding. 12 years later, I still can’t get enough!
Sure, eBay nowadays is a completely different place. The rules are different. It’s harder to follow and it’s certainly harder to make a profit. But sales are still there to be had and it’s a perfect outlet to make some cash from your clutter.
According to eBay, the average household has up to £4000 of excess items cluttering up their home. That’s an awful lot of money potentially just sitting there!
I didn’t want to write a full eBay guide as there are heaps and heaps of amazing blog posts already in existence. But, as it’s a subject that I have been asked about frequently I thought I’d have a go at sharing some of my top tips that have really helped me enjoy the eBay experience whilst selling over the years.
So, here we go….
Nothing, nothing is too weird or too broken or too worn to sell!
This is key. I found this out after I listed a pair of completely trashed boots many years ago when I first started out (really they should have gone in the bin but I was curious!) and they sold for £400.00.
Some of my most profitable items have been the ones where I thought to myself ‘this should probably go in the bin but I’ll give it a go on eBay first’! Bits of old rope, scraps of fabric, half used reel of cotton, empty bottles of perfume…. you name it, I’ve sold it! As long as your listings are detailed, honest and accurate with plenty of photographs you’ve really got nothing to lose.
The ever lovely Emma at From Aldi To Harrods writes a great monthly blog post of her top 10 weird things that sold on eBay. Her December 2015 post is here. Take a look, it’s absolutely ace!
Build up your feedback score
If you’re new to eBay, build up your score to at least 20 by making a few purchases and getting to know how it all works. Use this opportunity to stock up on packaging supplies in bulk as these are often incredibly cheap on eBay and far better than the supplies you’ll find in your local pound shop. When you start selling, make sure your customer service and communications are excellent. You’ll find buyers will trust their money with you if your feedback score is both bulky and positive!
Use the full potential of your listing. 
Make sure your title keywords are spot on to catch your buyers attention. Use good lighting and a good camera for your photos. Upload as many photos as you can. Use a clear font in your listings to make your description easy to read. Be detailed. Be polite. Be honest. Describe any faults accurately. Answer any questions within 24 hours. Simple!
Work out your costings before you sell
You want to make a profit, right? Make sure you research your fees before you list your item so it doesn’t come as a shock at the end. eBay have a handy little calculator that will allow you to estimate your fees here. Price your item accordingly with this in mind!
Make use of free listing days
If you’re a private seller, eBay will give you 20 free listings a month. If you have a lot to sell though, you’ll use these up very quickly! I tend to type up my listings in a word document and take all my photographs so they are all ready to go once free listing days or email offers are announced.
Best time to start an auction? Thursday evening. Best time to end your auctions? 10 days later, Sunday evening! You’ll get most of your potential buyers in the last few hours of the auction so make sure it ends at a time when lots of people might be online to place a bid.
Protect yourself
Ensure transactions come through PayPal. Send valuable items signed for. Always get proof of postage from the post office. If you don’t accept returns then make this clear in your description.
Some items by nature will attract more unscrupulous buyers. Usually big ticket items. Be aware of the scams that might crop up. I’ve had so many problems selling items such as camera lenses, electrical products and jewellery. Don’t agree to anything that sounds dodgy because it usually probably is!
Don’t list more than you can package
I’ve made this mistake more than once! Start parcelling things up as soon as you get a bid, don’t leave it all until the last minute. If you list 100 items in one go, then you potentially have 100 parcels to send at the end. Remember that. Be prepared and get a head start!

Things I’ve loved this week // 004

A little Sunday round-up, some of the little things that I’ve been loving this week!
Our snow day
After it was forecast for what seemed like every day during the past few weeks, finally we got some snow! We’ve had a morning of sledging, freezing our toes off, feeding the animals and warming up afterwards with hot chocolate. It’s been lovely!
Walt Disney World
This weekend we booked our Orlando holiday which I’m insanely exited about, as you would expect! I’m no stranger to the ways of Disney and have stayed at the Paris resort more times than I care to count so we thought we’d try something a bit different this year! We don’t leave until November, so plenty of time for planning and looking at all the food menus. I have a bit of a thing for Disney food!
Tattoo plans
My most addition was a teeny tiny one on my ankle which I got just a couple of days before Christmas. Completely a spur of the moment thing but a little nod towards my love of music and one of my favourite bands, Ghost. I have a couple more booked in over the next few months which I’m super excited about!
Lord of the Lost
Honestly, it’s true love. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a band so hard!


Despite visiting Disneyland Paris almost every year for as long as I can remember, nothing can compare to our most recent trip where we took our daughter for the first time. Miss E was just shy of 2 years old when we visited and she absolutely had the best time ever, she hasn’t stopped talking about it since we came home!
Lets face it, though. Disney holidays take a lot of planning, even without kids. It’s one of the most magical holiday destinations and there’s just so much so see and do, it’s wonderful! With this in mind, I wanted to share some top tips that I found really super useful during our stay. If you are planning to take your little one for the first time, I hope that these might be of some use!
Take a buggy! 

Disneyland Paris is huge and you’ll be out for most of the day so make sure you take a foldable buggy with you. Even if your child is a good walker and doesn’t use one at home, they will definitely need one after a few hours exploring everything that Disneyland has to offer!

It’s a good idea to pimp up your buggy (using a bright blanket maybe!) so that you can find it easily when you return from a ride and don’t leave anything valuable in your buggy whilst it’s untended.
If you’re travelling during a busy season, make sure you also take a cheap bicycle combination lock which will allow you to either chain your buggy to railings in the park or lock up the wheels making it harder to move/pinch. We picked one up for just £3.99 at Halfords.
Disneyland do offer buggy hire at both parks though using this more than one day during your trip will soon get very expensive. Plus, they look hideously uncomfortable (pretty much a chair on wheels!) so I wouldn’t recommend them for napping in.

Seriously, don’t underestimate how many snacks you’ll need for a day in the parks. They were our absolute saviour! Disneyland is big and overwhelming and tiring for little kids and it’s good to have plenty to keep them going whilst you wait in many, many queues!

I wouldn’t recommend buying them from Disneyland at all (4 euros for a bag of crisps?! 4 euros for the world’s smallest apple juice?! you get the idea!) so pack as many as you can before you travel!
One thing I found really helpful was having a resealable ziplock bag for each day of our trip and stuffing it with an assortment of healthy and not so healthy treats. For each day of our trip we put in a Nakd bar, an Ella’s kitchen pouch, a small bag of chocolate buttons, a box of raisins, a small bag of Haribo sweets, dried fruit and a chocolate lolly. As well as this we packed a juice carton or a Fruit Shoot per day.

Similar to snacks, I found it super useful to pack a bunch of entertaining things to take with us round the parks. Non-bulky items such as sheets of stickers, wax crayons & paper, bubbles, small packs of character cards, etc. There is an awful lot of waiting around for things in Disneyland and let’s face it, toddlers are not built for that and like to be kept busy!

These bits & bobs were a godsend whilst waiting for parades, shows and letting us eat full meals in restaurants. Amazing!
ID bands

We used one of these on Miss E and whilst we thankfully didn’t need to make use of it, I’d totally recommend your child wearing one at all times within the parks! We used an iDME band from Safe Tots which is reusable and is worn as a bracelet. You can fill in your details and contact numbers and slot them in the pocket inside the band making it easier for people to identify your child if they get lost and contact you quickly.

Go at your toddlers pace

You want your toddler to have the best experience possible so take each day at their pace! Obviously this is more difficult if you are travelling with older children too though!

If your toddler is getting tired and overwhelmed, head back to the hotel or go somewhere quiet for a good nap maybe. Don’t have too many expectations and don’t plan too far ahead! If they want to spend an entire morning riding the teacups and Dumbo repeatedly, then let them! If they would rather spend an afternoon looking at the same Elsa singing money box in every single shop (thanks, kiddo!), then do it! Miss E really surprised us and loved some of the more ‘scary’ rides and she loved meeting all of the characters, she was amazing!
Also! If your toddler does fall asleep in the buggy, make use of the baby switch service so you can take it in turns to go on the big rides whilst they snooze!
Make use of everything Disney has to offer

Especially, if you’re staying in a Disney resort hotel. We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge Hotel which has a lovely pool, offered free cot hire/bed guards/bottle warmers, a peaceful children’s corner with all kind of games and things to do, etc! Disney Hotels run free shuttle buses to the parks too which is superb.

By booking through Disney and depending on how you travel or what hotel you stay in, you’ll also have access to the Disney Express Service, extra magic hours and fast passes for rides. Amazing at any time, but even more handy when you’re travelling with small children!
Within the Disney parks, you’ll find that toddlers and babies are catered for really well. The baby care centres in each park offer quiet spaces with highchairs for feeding, plenty of changing areas and the chance to buy food or nappies if you need to!


Chances are, you’ll be eating out for every meal of your trip so plan this wisely! It’s worth researching your restaurants before you go (this website is amazing) as some cater for toddlers much better than others.

We purchased a Disney dining plan with our package and for some strange reason, Disney do not cater to children under 3 and are expected to eat from your plate! We therefore found that buffet style restaurants were best as you can all eat properly at no additional cost.
Plan to dine earlier than you usually do and book your restaurants before you travel otherwise you’ll face a long queue to be seated. By dining earlier, your toddler won’t be starving and will be a lot calmer at meal times!
Our favourite places to eat were Cafe Mickey (Disney Village), Parkside Diner (Hotel New York), Hunters Grill (Sequoia Lodge), Inventions (Disneyland Hotel), Plaza Gardens Restaurant and Casey’s Corner (both Main Street U.S.A.).
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