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Review // The Netherlands National Circus 2018

2018 marks a very special date for circus shows in Britain as it is 250 years since circus was born here in our country. The anniversary of this British-born wildly popular and fabulously eccentric art form is being celebrated all year long up and down the country through shows, events, talks and more and museums, schools, libraries, theatres, etc will all join in with the fun! 

This year I have made it my personal mission to see as many circus shows as possible and our first circus of 2018 is the Netherlands National Circus who have returned to Sheffield once more to entertain us Yorkshire folk with a brand new show.

You might remember that we popped along to see the Netherlands National Circus last year and the performance we saw has stayed with us so much so that I definitely count it as one of our favourite family friendly shows that we saw in 2017. And I can promise you, we saw a lot of shows last year! 

We couldn't wait to return to see what's new for this year! With tickets in hand, we popped down to Hillsborough to see the theatre style big top assembled and all lit up in the Wednesdayite car park which is just by the Sheffield Wednesday football ground.

The big top is climate controlled (super cosy!) and the seats are arranged inside that there isn't a bad seat in the house! Whichever seat you sit in, you'll be able to view all the action. We had deluxe grandstand seats which are the front row of the main seating section. I honestly think that these are absolute best seats you could pick if you're visiting as sometimes I feel like ringside is a bit *too* close, especially when you're watching aerial acts (which this circus has a fair bit of!).

We grabbed some snacks (popcorn, we love freshly made popcorn!) and drinks and settled down to wait for the show to begin.

.... And oh my goodness, what a show it was! This years show is jam packed full of old favourites and some that are new to me too. A two hour fun filled non-stop extravaganza (phew!) of pure entertainment and we were absolutely blown away by the quality and talent of everything we saw.

The show started as it meant to go on, with a super fun high speed diablo act that just got faster and more intricate as it progressed. My little mind was completely blown already and we were only in the first few minutes of the show! The male performer was super charismatic making this act cheeky, fun and thoroughly entertaining. We loved it!

Before we entered the big top, we made a bet that there would be at least one song from The Greatest Showman and we were absolutely not wrong! When Rewrite The Stars came on alongside a beautifully choreographed aerial hoop act, my little girl literally squealed with delight. I am not even gonna tell you how often we listen to the soundtrack from this movie at home and this song is kiddo's current favourite so this act was most definitely a highlight for her.

Let's talk about the clowns next. Honestly, you know how much I love my clowns (it's an unhealthy obsession, I can assure you!). And I know nothing about the duo at the 2018 show, not even their names (I'd love to see more information about the acts in the souvenir guide or on the website, please!) but they were super entertaining and we all loved them! These guys appeared in-between acts and were ridiculously funny with nice concise non-verbal routines that made my girl howl with laughter.

The first half of the show closed with Duo Extreme, a visually stunning aerial performance that included a large tank of water, fire and beautiful synchronised strength. Where can I even start to tell you about this act?! It is just so graceful and I could honestly watch it all day. The strength and agility of these performers is such an inspiration, they moved elaborately together through the water like synchronised swimmers before being lifted out over and over to the soundtrack of Frühling in Paris by Rammstein, one of my all time favourite songs. That final moment when the male performer drops the lady into a pool of fire is just breathtaking. Honestly, this act is phenomenal!

After the interval we saw a unique laser act which was such a fun way to jump straight into the second half of the show. It is only the second time that my girl has experienced laser lights (Hot Ice Show in Blackpool was her first!) and she loved trying to touch them! Our mind was blown with the pair of performers seemingly bend, fight, dance and play with light. It was beautiful and unlike anything we had seen at a circus before! 

The show was packed full of different and unique acts, no two were even in the slightest bit similar. And each act moved seamlessly, one into the other. I really enjoyed Robert Foxall with his aerial strap act. It reminded me wildly of gravity defying circus acts I used to see (and love!) growing up, an absolute classic and again.... such incredible talent!

I think our overall favourite though was the closing act, the Jackson family with a gorgeously well put together act using bicycles. Let me tell you, I don't think taking kiddo out on her bike is ever going to be the same again now she has seen all the tricks you can do! I asked her after the show what her favourite act was and she screamed out "THE TINY BIKE!!". 

The 2018 Netherlands National Circus is an unforgettable show and I really do recommend it if you're in or around Sheffield. It's a magnificent family night out and one that you'll remember for years to come!

The Netherlands National Circus is currently touring and is in Sheffield (Hillsborough) until Sunday 18th March 2018 so make sure you book your tickets and treat the family to this most wonderful circus show before it rolls out of town! Tickets are available from the circus box office on site or you can book in advance over on The Netherlands National Circus website where you can also find venue details, show times and lots more information!

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