Thursday, 1 March 2018

Half Term Fun with Sheffield Mutual

OK, I know I already said this in my last post but February has absolutely flown by in the blink of an eye! The beginning of March should definitely have a touch of a spring vibe to it and I am adoring all the pastel coloured and Easter products pouring into the shops at the moment but as I write this, there is a good foot of snow outside my door. Spring definitely seems to have been postponed for now! 

We are now in our first week back at preschool after the half term break and today I wanted to share a little of what we got up to in our week off together. I am one of those people who has no problem entertaining their child.... that's if you can get out! We love taking trips to the cinema, the park, various classes, soft play centres and the local library but when those days arrive where the rain is just *too much* or illness hits (kiddo was super poorly for the first 3/4 days of her break, poor thing!) I must admit I do sometimes struggle to find ways of keeping my girl entertained. 

Something she really loves doing at home together though is crafts and baking so when Sheffield Mutual got in touch with me recently to see if they could send us an activity pack to help keep us entertained over half term* well, I couldn't say no! It was just the thing we needed!

The pack arrived a few days later and inside was a selection of goodies including baking accessories, felt tips, card making supplies and craft supplies. Miss E couldn't wait to get started! 

After seeing the instruction sheets for a calming glitter jar and decorated biscuits, we decided that these would be the first two activities that we would do together. Miss E was quite intrigued by the glitter jar, she's absolutely obsessed with snowglobes so getting the chance to make one herself was super exciting for her!  

She loved mixing up a "potion" to create the glitter jar which consisted of warm water, clear glue, food colouring and loose glitter. It was so unbelievably easy to put together, Miss E loved stirring it all up then screwing on the lid ready to give it that first shake! A perfect activity for a child who loves assembling things!

Doesn't the finished product look so pretty?! It's super lovely to play with too! 

Next, we did a spot of biscuit decorating. Now, the activity box came with instructions for making biscuits but we had a bunch of shortbread hearts to use up so we decided that for now we would just decorate these instead of making more from scratch. Miss E had been feeling quite poorly over the half term break and her concentration wasn't the highest so we didn't want to push it too much!

She had an absolute blast decorating her biscuits though! We used the chocolate icing pen that was included in the activity box to draw patterns on the biscuits then she decorated them with the pearly blue and green sprinkles.

Once we had finished decorating the biscuits, we set up a little tea party just for the two of us which was complete with tea for me and milk for her, our favourite tunes, a story or three and lots of cuddles! Bliss!

Next up was a spot of card decorating! I knew that this activity would be an absolute hit because if you give my girl a bunch of stickers and coloured pens, she's sure to be happy for hours!

This was a really nice peaceful activity that kept Miss E occupied for most of the afternoon. I traced out some shapes on the blank cards then she filled the shapes with paper squares that I had previously cut out for some collage work. 

She loved using the stickers and coloured pens to decorate each card. I love the fact that I pretty much had no input into making these cards (apart from drawing the shapes she requested) and that they were all her own idea using the materials that had been provided!

There's nothing like receiving a handmade card either, is there?!

A few more things that were included in the activity pack were the grass head who is *just* about sprouting his first hairs (and I forgot to take a photo of that!). Miss E loves checking on him every morning and filling up his pot with water. It's such a fun idea too, you can't not smile at a googly eyed grass head!

And lastly, the paint your own teddy bear shaped money box! We loved this activity as everything you needed to decorate the money box was included in the set. The paints are really nice quality and I loved seeing kiddo do her own thing with this product. She has created a multicoloured polka dot masterpiece which now stands proudly on a shelf in her bedroom! 

We had such fun doing these activities together over the half time. It was a really nice way to spend time together, doing and making things at home. Having a stash of craft and baking supplies at home is such a blessing when the weather is bad as it often is during the winter holidays.

A super huge thanks goes out to Sheffield Mutual for keeping us occupied and happy over the half term break! We had the best time!

This post was written in collaboration with Sheffield Mutual who offer a range of financial products including children's savings, life insurance, tax free ISAs and more. Pop over to their website to find out more about their products and services.

*This is a collaborative post but as always, all words and thoughts are my own

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  1. Oh God . . . can I come over to your house and craft? This is my idea of heaven; getting messy and making pretty things!

    She's so creative bless her, it must be lovely to see her making things with her own imagination. I hope she's feeling better soon, but happy to hear she had fun making cool stuff in her time off preschool!