Thursday, 1 February 2018

My top moments from Epcot // Walt Disney World 2017

Epcot is simultaneously my favourite and least favourite of all the parks at Walt Disney World.... I say least favourite purely because of the size of it. It is e n o r m o u s and therefore, quite a mission with a small child! We love it though and i'm glad to say that some of my favourite memories from our 2017 trip are Epcot related! 

Once again, we were there for the Epcot International Food & Wine festival and as this might be our last time for quite a while, we made the most of eating our way around the world using up some of those snack credits. So much food and so little time, eh?! We loved pottering around the various booths seeing what was on offer. Everything was so tempting!

This trip was the the time that my girl well and truly fell in love with Journey into Imagination with Figment. She was hesitant at first because of the ending of this attraction (that poooof at the end scared her silly the first time!) but then she asked to go on again, and again. After that we had to buy the soft toys and anything we could find with Figment on in the shops. It's now true love! 

Table service food wise, we dined at Coral Reef and Via Napoli.... both of which were incredible. I love the atmosphere in Via Napoli and the pizzas are insanely good so we've made sure that a repeat reservation has been made for 2018 too!

The Gran Fiesta Tour still remains a firm favourite for kiddo so we spent a fair amount of time in the Mexico pavilion where there were also heaps of references and artworks promoting Coco, the latest Disney Pixar movie. We met Anna and Else, rode Frozen Ever After, Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land... all of our favourites! We also spent a fair bit of time in SeaBase which is home to an enormous aquarium and a sea of exhibits. I love, love, love watching the manatees and could stay there all day if my husband would let me. So good! 

Epcot is incredible and I'll never get bored of the sight of the World Showcase, Spaceship Earth or the monorail whizzing around overhead. It's just dreamy. I can't wait to return for the Flower & Garden Festival this April which will be a first for us! I'm so excited to see how different it looks in the spring!

Thanks for reading! x



  1. Sounds like you had the most amazing time, and your pictures are just absolutely beautiful. x

  2. Crikey Moses - you've been posting like crazy lately! Playing catch-up now.

    Lord woman - your photos are so amazing! Every one you get of Spaceship Earth is flawless. I'd love to read more about your Food & Wine snack credits and any sort of strategy you have; Epcot food is something I'm most excited about.

    I didn't realise how huge Epcot was until you said; looked into it since, and wow!

    Thank you for another wicked post; it looks like you really make the most out of your visits there . . . you get so much done!


  3. I haven't been to Epcot since I was ten, and to be honest, I thought it was the most dull park - at least that is my memory of it. As an adult I think I would appreciate it WAY more!! So I'd love to visit again x

  4. Oh it’s amazing it looks like you had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to take Rosalie xxx

  5. Aah amazing photos! It looks like you had a lovely time - I can’t wait to go there one day! X