Thursday, 7 December 2017

What I bought at Basin // Walt Disney World 2017

Basin is one of those stores that I literally want to buy e v e r y t h i n g in as soon as I enter. I have become such a fan of their fresh and fragrant which are both chemical and cruelty free. I need serious restraint when I visit their stores in the Grand Floridian and Disney Springs at Walt Disney World! Their shops are so beautiful and everything smells so yummy!

If you've never been to a Basin store before then make a note of it if you're ever in Orlando (or indeed Las Vegas, they have stores there too!). Their products are super if you have sensitive skin like me. I like to limit the chemicals in what I use as much as I can and Basin products are just perfect. They are so much fun, too! I am such a fan of their Disney soaps and the bath bombs with hidden mickey confetti inside. Kiddo is also a fan of the mini bath bombs and the create-your-own tubes of brightly coloured bath salts.

Let's be honest though, I already have such a stash of bath products at home so I really didn't have the need to buy *anything* but I couldn't resist purchasing a few products to enjoy at home! I bought a bunch of stuff to give as gifts so obviously I'm not going to share those but here are the products I picked up for myself! 

Firstly, bath bombs! In Basin stores, you can grab an empty barrel and fill it with as many of the large bath bombs as possible for a set price. I'm going to say it was around $20, I can't remember exactly.... not expensive though! We managed to fit five in there and oh my goodness, I can't tell you how good they all smell! The bath bomb marbles are also super, just one will scent your bath beautifully.

I've used a few so far and the turquoise one smells like actual heaven, not even kidding. So fresh and luxurious! I also loved the hidden Mickey one that plopped into the bath to reveal copious amounts of red, white and blue Mickey Mouse shapes. Absolutely adorable!  

Next we have lip balms. Now, please believe me here when I say that these are the best lip balms e v e r! I picked up five of the flavours including English Toffee and Coconut to keep me going through the winter months. I believe they also have flavours such as Sangria and Iced Pear but I've not seen them in person before.... I'll keep my eyes peeled for those next time! 

These lip balms are super nourishing, are made with SPF 15, they are lightweight and not at all greasy. They also smell amazing!  

Finally, I bought two of the soaps for myself and quite a few as gifts, too! I love the many, many designs they have but predictably I opted for a couple of the winter Mickey soaps. I bought the gingerbread one last year too and it was good enough to eat so I just had to repurchase it this year! These soaps lather up so well and they smell ridiculously good too! 

Are you a fan of Basin too? What are your favourite products? Let me know in a comment below!


  1. Oh I picked up that soap too... in fact where is it! I must get that out this evening. It was such a lovely store we had great fun telling the kids it was a sweetshop and they could eat stuff and then having to frantically tell them we were joking!

    Victoria x

    1. Oh goodness, I can just imagine! E loves it as she can spend ages washing her hands and trying out the various body scrubs.... the things that please small children, eh?! x