Monday, 4 December 2017

House plans // Stairs, walls, doors and radiators

It dawned on me the other day that we have now been living in our current home for 6 years.... s i x whole years. I still remember the anticipation of receiving the keys and stepping inside for the first time, all the plans we had to renovate and make this place our own. We decorated, laid carpets, bought furniture and started making plans for all the big stuff... a new bathroom, a new kitchen, new woodwork and to get rid of that ugly woodchip wallpaper that leads up the stairs and covers the landing. 

But life soon got in the way. A baby, busy working lifestyles and lots of dog walking quickly filled our time and so doing *anything* major to the house was the last thing we had time for. Over the past few months though, we've been going through a period of seemingly *everything* breaking at home all at once and now it's time to bite the bullet and get something done! 
Just last week our bedroom radiator literally just fell off the wall due to the 100 year old plaster just not being able to support anything on the walls even longer. So it's all systems go now to get our home up to the standard that I'd love to see it and I'd love to share our fixer upper journey with you through my blog!

Our main focus to begin with is going to be the upstairs walls and getting them safe and damp free. Whilst we're at it though we've decided to get the internal doors, skirting boards and stairs up to scratch at the same time because well, I'm just one of those people who doesn't do things by halves.... I go all in! In the past few days we have been booking damp surveys, getting little bits fixed and getting excited about picking stair designers and colour schemes. It's all systems go!  

I'm so excited to get our stairs and landing looking good because currently it is my absolute least favourite part of the house. I'd love to go super modern and super clean, utilising compact staircases to make the most of the space in our house. When it comes to lighting and heating, I'm also craving both functionality and simplicity. I have a real love for minimalist design at the moment and I want to create a home that is both practical for a busy family and looks great too! 

Of course, all of our work is going to be done on a budget and I'll be looking to both Instagram and Pinterest for some real life home inspiration as we make our plans. If you post photographs of your home on either of those platforms then do share your links in the comments below!

I am so excited to share our fixer upper journey with you! 

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