Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Five ways I use the internet at home // #BroadbandAndMe

With the world seemingly at our fingertips these days, it is so easy to take it for granted just how much we rely on the Internet in the family home. Thinking of my own childhood just 20 years ago, I literally have no idea how my parents managed shopping, paying bills or booking holidays without the presence of the Internet. Oh, how times have changed! 

When I sit and think about it, it's actually quite scary to think about how much of my life relies on the Internet. I use it for literally everything from streaming music to booking holidays and from working at home to googling how to make the perfect omelette. Even the thought of doing my grocery shopping in a shop and not online makes me shudder. The Internet sure is a marvellous thing and it would certainly be shock to the system to be without it!  

TalkTalk Business recently got in touch and asked if I would like to work with them on their current #BroadbandAndMe campaign* that you might have seen floating around on social media over the last few weeks. They invited me to talk about how we use the Internet on a daily basis and it certainly got me thinking!

Honestly, I don't think that I could even attempt to count the number of ways that we use the Internet at home. It makes life easier unquestionably and now that modern day life is blessed with super fast broadband connections, we are so lucky to live in a world where the possibilities of using technology at home are becoming seemingly limitless! With this in mind, today I wanted to share with you my personal top five ways that we use the Internet at home and why they have such a positive effect on our lives.

Working wherever I like

Super fast and reliable broadband has given me the ability to work from home, working around my husbands full time job meaning that I get to spend as much time with kiddo as possible without having to rely on expensive childcare. Having access to the internet 24/7 means that I can work both when she's at preschool and in the evenings. It has also opened up a world of opportunities that I didn't even know existed up until a few years ago. Working from home is currently perfect for me and perfect for us as a family! 

Interacting with the local community

The internet is the first place I look to whenever I want to find out what's on at the weekend, local events, cinema times, local news, restaurant menus and even trace the owners of lost pets that we have found in our garden or house! I love that we have access and the answers to pretty much anything at the touch of a button. As somebody who is going through a period of de-cluttering, I frequently hit up local Facebook groups or the Freecycle network to offer my items to people who might need them in the local area. Without the internet, all of these tasks would be so much more difficult!

Entertainment on demand 

I doubt that there are many family homes that don't use the Internet for entertainment purposes nowadays! We absolutely love using our Amazon Fire TV Stick to access our DisneyLife subscription, YouTube, and catch-up TV as we never, ever watch regular TV. We love being able to stream music all over the house and from different devices. We love using Internet radio too! 

Shopping when and where I want

Another one of my favourite way to use the Internet is shopping. I love shopping, especially when I don't have to get up from the sofa to do it! The Internet is so, so good for making purchases.... I don't know what we did before it! Using a combination of cashback sites, coupons and deal finders I'm always able to bag myself a bargain whether it's on hotel bookings or grocery shopping. It's great for frugal shoppers like me and it's great for claiming back some of that much needed family time (I am so thankful that I do have the need to drag my child around a supermarket each week!). Online shopping is the best!   

Synchronised schedules

Finally, having constant and fast access to the Internet is great for synchronising our calendars as a family. Events, appointments and reminders are easily accessed by my husband and I, limiting the risk of double booking or forgetting about important dates! I find this is essential for easing the day to day stress of family life especially as I am one of those people who likes to be super organised.

How much do you rely on the Internet in your home? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

* This is a collaborative post but as always, all content and thoughts my own

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