Thursday, 21 December 2017

Favourite Things I Bought on Holiday - Part Two // Walt Disney World 2017

Last week I posted a haul with some of my favourite purchases from our November trip to Walt Disney World and I couldn't fit them all into one blog post without it looking ridiculously epic so here is part two!

I have a fair few Florida posts planned so i'm going to try and share one every Thursday from now on! There'll be everything from my favourite moments to my top meals, travelling with children in an Uber and much more. Please do subscribe via Bloglovin' or follow me over on social media to keep up to date with my posts as they go live.

Let's dive straight in to the goodies, shall we?! 

So first today we have these b e a u t i f u l black and gold Converse which I picked up from the premium outlets on International Drive. These are waterproof, fleece lined and have proper grips meaning that they are just perfect for the winter. If I remember rightly they were reduced from around $100 to $30 and I didn't even know they were on sale until I took them to the till so that was a lovely surprise!

Me and my little girl are pretty much obsessed with Figment so obviously we bought a few bits to bring home! I have kept the keyring for myself and kiddo has claimed both of the soft toys. It was never going to be any other way, wast it?! I wanted to buy more, especially as Figment is on so much merchandise this year but I don't think my husband was too impressed with that idea!

Next we have not one but three Alex and Ani bracelets. I have debated getting one for a while but as I'm allergic to most metals (honestly, it's rubbish) I didn't want to splash out in case I had a reaction. A wonderful cast member got in touch with Alex and Ani directly though and gave me a list of all the materials used to make their jewellery so I was soon reassured that buying one would be OK! So I bought the Animal Kingdom and Epcot bracelets and soon after I also picked up kiddo's October birthstone which is super sparkly. I love them all and I'll definitely be adding to my collection on our next trip. The Coco ones are stunning!

I picked up the 2018 Disney Parks & Resorts attraction poster calendar which I think was the only thing I had on my wish list before our holiday. You know I'm a big fan of this calendar and I'd love to get some of the prints framed once the year is over. 2018 has a wonderful mix of posters and I am super happy to see The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour from Disneyland Paris in there. It's a favourite, for sure! 

On every Disney trip we pick just one Christmas decoration to add to our tree and so here is our 2017 addition. We love everything about Olaf's Frozen Adventure and absolutely loved seeing the songs performed in Disney's Hollywood Studios so I think this decoration is going to remind us of our 2017 holiday for many years to come! 

This decoration is supposed to sing but when we got it home we found that it didn't actually work.  Boo! Luckily, the Disney Store back home offered us another one to replace it but as they didn't have this exact one kiddo picked out a singing Elena of Avalor decoration and they let us keep the Frozen one too! Even though this one doesn't sing, I still love it! 

Next, I had a it of a treat yo'self moment and picked up this gorgeous bag from Kate Spade. The store in Disney Springs is beautiful and I could have gone nuts buying all the owl range in there (I love owls!) but instead I opted for this more sensible bag that will go with most outfits. I've been wanting a nice but roomy bag for nights out and this fits the bill just perfectly. It can hold my purse, my camera and makeup.... pretty much everything I need! 

Kiddo was obsessed with the pressed coin machines dotted around Walt Disney World this year so we decided to pick up a nice little book to keep all her coins together in. It turned into a fun thing to do as we visited the various parks and resorts, she picked which machines and which designs she wanted and loved turning the big handle to press each coin! It's something we'll definitely continue next year because as you can see, she now has quite the growing collection!

Finally, it wouldn't be a Disney holiday if I didn't bring home a shit load of edible treats, would it?! This photo doesn't scratch the surface of what came home with us. Literally we have a whole kitchen cupboard full too. Oops! I am a fan of savoury snacks whereas my husband is more into actual sweets so we tried to bring home a good mix of everything to keep us going! It's not going to last long though, is it?! 

Thanks for reading x


  1. You and my SIL have such similar taste, she was buying Alex and Ani bracelets every time we walked past one it felt!! They also picked up that calendar too.

    Victoria x

    1. Ahh, I have really fallen in love with the Alex & Ani bracelets. I'll definetely be getting some more next time! I love the calendar, the prints are good enough to frame afterwards! x