Thursday, 14 December 2017

Favourite Things I Bought on Holiday - Part One // Walt Disney World 2017

I don't know about you but I love reading through a good haul post! We recently travelled to Walt Disney World in Florida and somehow only packed one suitcase between three of us meaning that the other two were free for lots and lots of Disney goodies! 

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that shopping at Disney and the local area is really, *really* good and as I've been pretty good this year not buying stuff for myself, I wanted to treat myself to a few special bits to bring home.

Today I'm going to share a few of my favourite things that made it back to England with me in addition to my Basin and Bath & Body Works hauls that I shared on the blog recently. 

Let's get stuck in, shall we?! 

Firstly, we have this gorgeous chalkboard style coffee mug. It's just the right size for my morning cuppa (huge!) and I am loving the monochrome colour scheme and matte black glaze. The mug is complete with some of Disney's favourite sayings including "never grow up", "happiest place on earth" and "believe in magic" and I just love it! 

Next we have a couple of souvenirs from the resort we stayed at, Animal Kingdom Lodge. We found that they didn't have a huge range of their own merchandise, especially compared to somewhere like the Art of Animation resort which had everything you could possibly think of. However, I fell in love with these handmade wooden giraffe utensils which will forever remind me of watching these gentle giants from our balcony each morning and evening. I also had to buy the Animal Kingdom Lodge cushion because cushions are my absolute weakness, even though it doesn't go with anything else in our house!

Next up we have these very American Disney car aerial toppers which I found in Target and were a complete bargain compared to the ones sold on Disney property. I like to change these up on our car after every Disney trip so here's a few more for the collection!

My only Walt Disney World CD purchase of 2017! I know this is available on Spotify but I have been wanting this soundtrack for a while on actual CD because yep, I'm one of those people who still like to buy them! I adore Finding Nemo - the Musical, I think it's my favourite show in Animal Kingdom and we saw it a million times on our most recent trip! The songs are so cute, I just can't get enough! 

Next we have a set of three hot chocolates which I also bought last year.... they are so good! The tins are actually quite tiny so you only get like two cups of each flavour but I think it's worth it. The white chocolate is incredible! I'm going to get myself some cream and marshmallows to enjoy these properly. It's definitely the weather for it at the moment! 

Yep, I got sucked into buying the neon backpack that is available in almost every Disney shop on property. To be fair, it's a great size and not too heavy for carrying around the parks all day. I also love the embroidered Walt Disney World logo on the front. This bag will definitely be coming back with us on our future Disney trips as it's great! 

Another Starbucks "You Are Here" mug for the collection (I say collection, I now have two..... haha!). I fell for the hippo from It's a Small World on this mug, there's no way I was going to leave it behind in the shop! I wasn't going to buy the full range but I think I'm going to have to buy the Epcot and Hollywood Studios mugs on our next trip now! They are just the right size and so good to drink from! 

Finally for today we have these dark chocolate mint squares from Ghirardelli. I bought a super huge bag of these which we devoured within days of being home so I am majorly regretting not buying more to keep us going. They are a m a z i n g. I am also obsessed with the peppermint bark which we loved on holiday so why I didn't bring any to bring home is certainly a question I keep asking myself. I don't really have a sweet tooth but Ghiradelli chocolate is just amazing.

I have a few more favourites I want to share but I'll leave it here for today. Part two coming soon! 

Thanks for reading x


  1. We got one of those rucksacks too - it came in handy for our hand luggage that's for sure!!

    I love the Starbucks mugs and brought them all this year; in addition to those I got last!!!

    Victoria x

  2. Thank you for your comment! Ahh, i'm so jealous you got all the Starbucks mugs! I really want the other two but we didn't get to the Starbucks in Epcot and the queue was mahoosive in Hollywood Studios... next time hopefully! x