Monday, 20 November 2017

A Caribbean Christmas?

Over the past few years we have taken our annual Disney holiday during the last few months of the year and it has quickly become one of our absolute favourite things to do. Trading cold and dreary November days for the Florida sunshine or the sensational magical festivities in Paris is a no-brainer for us and it is something that I will really miss when kiddo starts school next year.

I've been thinking though, when the time comes that we are confined to taking our trips away during the school holidays that maybe one year it would be lovely to spend a Christmas somewhere different and experiencing how a different culture celebrates the most wonderful time of year. 

Sure, top of my list would be to spend Christmas at Disney. I've experienced the parks in all their festive glory but I imagine that *actual* Christmastime would be a whole new level of magical festiveness! 

The world sure is a big place though and also super high on my list of places I'd love to spend Christmas is the Caribbean. I'd love to gather up the family and spend Christmas on sandy white sands complete with sparkling turquoise waters, swapping my hot chocolate for a delicious cocktail instead! A Caribbean Christmas would be incredible and a dream that I'd love to come true one day! Barbados, the Bahamas and Jamaica are three destinations I definitely want to visit and I have been browsing the Destination2 website which has a huge selection of beautiful looking resorts available that would be just perfect to spend the festive period. Let me tell you, I have been eyeing up the Sugar Bay resort in Barbados for quite a while now and it looks right up our street. Just beautiful and so great for family too! Family suites, all inclusive food and drinks, activities for children.... perfect!

The Christmas season is apparently one of the island's most favourite times of the year so I'd love to see and experience it all one day! Also, the average temperature for December is around 29ÂșC which is something I certainly wouldn't grumble at. We never seem to get any of that much anticipated snow at Christmas here in the UK so bring on that sunshine, I say!

If you could spend Christmas abroad then where would you choose and why? I'd love to know so leave your answer in a comment below!

This is a collaborative post but as always, all words are my own.

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