Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Bedtime Tag

Recently I was very kindly tagged by Kirsty over at The Money Saving Mum to take part in "The Bedtime Tag" and I thought that it would be a fun blog post to write, especially as inspiration has been lacking around here recently! Kirsty's blog is one of my favourites and at home we adore watching her vlogs which are a real fun bundle of Florida, Disney and family life. She is absolutely lovely and so are her family! So make sure you pop over to her blog and YouTube channel to say hello and tell her I sent you!

OK, here we go....

1. Describe your usual bedtime routine

I'd love to share a good routine here but in all honesty my evenings are usually a blur of work and catching up with 'to do' lists that I haven't been able to do during the day. This usually means that I get to bed wayyyy too late! We are spot on with kiddo's bedtime routine so implementing one for myself is something that I would really benefit from. I must work on that! The things that I always do each night though are catch up with my husband, remove all my makeup, clean my teeth, comfy pyjamas on and then I'm good to go! This will be the same every night, even if we've been out and had a late one! Always remove that makeup, no matter what!  

2. What are your favourite pyjamas?

I love comfortable pyjamas so it's usually something from Fat Face. I love that their nightwear is mix and match so everything goes with everything with no fuss. I am a big fan of their jersey leggings and lightweight tops and they don't look so bad for wearing around the house either!

3. What is your current bedtime reading?

I don't read at bedtime, I'm a dive into bed and turn off the light kinda person!

4. What would I find on your bedside table?

A lamp and a small potted Madagascar Dragon Tree. Literally nothing else, I hate clutter especially in the bedroom! God I sound so boring, don't I?!

5. What scent makes you sleepy?

This is a weird one but I'm going to say the smell of L'Occitane shea butter hand cream. Applying hand cream is often the last thing I do before bed and the scent is absolutely delicious so I have now come to associate it with feeling sleepy. I also love a good lavender pillow spray if I'm having trouble sleeping as we all know it is so, so good for anxiety and sleep problems, two of my best friends haha!

6. What is your usual bedtime and wake-up time?

We usually fall asleep anywhere between 11pm to midnight and wake between 6-7:30am, though wake-up time is usually dictated by kiddo. I'm a night owl and can't get to sleep early no matter what so the longer we get to sleep in, the better!

7. What are your top three bedtime products?

L'Occitane shea butter hand cream, the scent is so soothing! I also love the Rosehip and Vitamin E face oil from B Skincare, applying it is so relaxing and the scent is beyond incredible. Finally, you can't beat using micellar water to feel super cleansed and refreshed. I use it to remove any last stubborn traces of makeup before bed. So good!

8. What is your most common sleeping position?

I sleep on my side though I'm one of those annoying people that has to sleep with a pillow under one leg otherwise I roll onto my front and wake up, haha!

9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

My husband & my dog, haha! Yep, we let the dog sleep in our bed!

10. What is your worst bedtime habit?

I know this will probably apply to most people but honestly, taking my phone to bed. I use my phone to set our alarms for the morning but I am so guilty of mindless app scrolling just before sleep. Instagram, facebook, emails, twitter.... you name it, I'm on it just before bed! I should probably buy an actual alarm clock so I don't even need to bring my phone into the bedroom at night but I hate bedside clutter!

Thank you for reading my Bedtime Tag! I'm going to tag another three of my favourite bloggers who i'd love to see take part so here are my nominations:

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I'd love to see any of you take part though so if you'd like to have a go at this tag then leave your post in the comments below and I'll be sure to pop over to read them!

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