Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

Bathroom odours can be dreadful. Once they invade your home, it can be both embarrassing and stressful to try and manage it. Your first instinct might be to use temporary measures to cover them up. For example, you might use air fresheners to mask the smell or you might burn scented candles to try and get rid of the odours. Sadly, these options rarely work because they’re not targeting the root of the odour. If you’re serious about keeping your bathroom smelling fresh then here are some tips that might help!

Ventilation is key

If you want to keep your bathroom smelling fresh then ventilation is the key. If you have windows in your bathroom, open them up so it allows the air to carry any odours away from your bathroom. Turn on the overhead fan if you have one as well. Remember to ventilate your bathroom at all times. For instance, if you take a hot shower, then the steam has to escape or else it can create mildew or mould buildup which could result in a smelly bathroom.

Declutter your bathroom

If you have a lot of stuff in your bathroom, then the cause of the smell could be hidden in a cupboard or among the many products that you’ve been keeping for years. Declutter your bathroom with the help of shelves, throwing out old products and invest in other storage solutions such as these vanity units from Drench. You never know what could be causing the smell so do your best to clean up the bathroom and eliminate anything that you don’t need.

Clean bathroom fabrics

Shower curtains, towels and clothes can quickly get musty when they’re in a bathroom. Clean them at least once a week to prevent the buildup of those smells. If you want to reduce the amount of cleaning involved, then try to remove fabrics from your bathroom. For instance, you can replace shower curtains with shower screens instead. However, keep in mind that these will also need cleaning too!

Eliminate odours, don’t just cover them

Make sure you’re actually eliminating odours and not just covering them. Most air fresheners only cover the smells with something stronger, and this can often result in powerful smells that will make your nose tingle. These are often worse than the odours too because they can be so overwhelming that it will take a long time for the smells to disappear from the bathroom without sufficient ventilation. Look for odour eliminators, not just covers.

Take out the rubbish

People often forget that they have a bin in the bathroom. Although it might not seem that bad, odours can slowly build up in the rubbish bin and, depending on what you throw in there, the smells can easily be prevented by taking it out more regularly. It’s a small thing, but effective at combating bad odours.

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