Thursday, 28 September 2017

My 2017 Walt Disney World Trip Bucket List

I feel like I've taken a completely unintentional break from blogging over the past few weeks. I have been so busy with eBay sales, admin, decorating, building a bed for kiddo and well, erm.... booking another Walt Disney World holiday. Oops. More on that one in another blog post! Time is absolutely flying by though and at just over a month to go, i'm also busy making plans for our upcoming trip to the most magical place on earth.

My husband and I are keen on making our Disney holidays as different from each other as we can and this year is no exception! I thought that today I would share 10 things that I really want to do on our next trip. These are just some of the things I want to do, of course! If there's anything you think I might have missed though then do let me know your suggestions. Here we go....

Happily Ever After

By far one of the things I am most looking forwards to this trip! I have been obsessing over this show ever since I saw the live stream on it's opening night. I've watched it with kiddo countless times, listened to the song over and over and over and I just know I'm going to be completely overwhelmed when I see it in real life! It looks absolutely spectacular.

Na'vi River & Flight of Passage

In fact, I am looking forwards to everything about Pandora, the world of Avatar! It wasn't open on our last visit but it all looks just magical. I imagine there are going to be some great photo opportunities here and I am dying to visit Satu'li Canteen to try out some of their delicious looking food! My husband is quite keen to visit here at night so we're aiming to visit a few times both day and night to get the full experience.

Explore with Uber

This year we are braving a trip with no car hire and we are planning on making the most of the brilliant complimentary Disney transport to get around Walt Disney World. That said though, we also have a few trips out of the Disney bubble planned (one of them will be straight to Bath & Body Works, not gonna lie!) so Uber looks like it's going to be our best option. As kiddo will be 4, we're interested to see how things work with car seats and safety, etc. Uber is something we've not used before, even at home (apart from Uber Eats but that's obviously very different!) so I'll let you know about how we get on if that is something you'd like to see in a blog post here!

Eat at all of the restaurants in Animal Kingdom Lodge

Getting to stay at this resort is literally a dream come true for me. It has been at the top of my list of Disney resorts I want to stay at for many years and so I want to soak up every last moment and try everything, including all the food! We have reservations for Boma, Jiko and Sanaa and I am looking forwards to eating at The Mara, trying the pool bars and lounges. I feel like I have been looking at menus since the day we booked this holiday so the food at this resort is something that I am really looking forwards to!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Our little girl has a real love for roller coasters and this year she has finally passed the magic marker of 105 cm meaning that she can now ride way more attractions than she could last year. It's one of the first FastPass bookings we made because I just know she is going to love it!

Hidden Pascals

Another Magic Kingdom one! The Tangled area in Fantasyland is one of my favourite parts of the park and this year I want to try and spot the 10 hidden Pascals that are dotted around the area. As you know, Pascal is very good at blending in with his surroundings but apparently you might spot him on lamp posts, under bushes and on buildings. This is such a cute idea and one that kiddo is really going to have fun with!

Buy an Alex & Ani bracelet

.... And probably start a whole new collection! I love collecting little Disney bits, especially if I know I'm going to get actual use out of them. It's jewellery, clothing and mugs all the way for me.... I'm definitely not into ornaments or stuff that is just going to sit there on a shelf! I have been eyeing up these bracelets for quite some time now, I just love how pretty there are! This year I am definitely going to treat myself to one or two and then maybe buy one on each Disney trip in the future. We'll see!

Eat at Casey's Corner

This one is a non-negotiable 'must do' for us for every Disney trip, whether it's Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney World in Orlando. It's always the first meal we have in the parks and I love that this is our little tradition. I love sitting on the end of Main Street tucking into delicious food whilst people watching, adjusting to Disney life and taking in the magical atmosphere. I am absolutely counting down the days until we are doing this once again.

Eat around the world at Epcot

One of our biggest regrets from our last trip is that we didn't spend enough time in Epcot. This year we have booked more dining and FastPass reservations here so hopefully we'll be able to also make the most of the International Food & Wine Festival at the same time, too! We want to visit as many of the kiosks as we can, using up those snack credits on our dining plan and experiencing as much of it all as possible. If you have been recently and can recommend any of the kiosks then do let me know. As you know, we are a family who love our food!

Pin trading

Last but not least, this year I want to get kiddo started with pin trading in the parks. This is something she has taken an immense interest in on our last two trips but always not until it is almost time to go home. So this year our plan is to begin with one of the starter sets and get her going from there. I know it would be cheaper to buy pins to get her started before we go but it'll be more fun for her if she gets total control and gets to pick out her own lanyard and pins. It's something she's really going to love, interacting with cast members and guests whilst having fun on her holiday! 


  1. I LOVE trying out all the different food from around the world at Epcot! We went to Disney in April and just missed out on the Avatar stuff opening. I'm so gutted!

    Steph -

  2. I'm so excited for our forthcoming trips I'm in full on Fastpass booking mode at the moment. We missed out on Seven Dwarves but I'm going to think positive thoughts for Flight of Passage.

    I'm keen to try out Uber this trip. Whilst my SIL is the driver if they want or need to take kids home or mum and I want to get out and about I'll be calling on Uber. Last year I went to Mall of Millenia from Disney Springs and it cost a fortune by cab and if I'd thought to use Uber then it would saved me much needed dollars.

    Epcot is scheduled for our last day and I'm so excited about the Wine and Dine!

    Victoria x