Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Make your bedroom the most comfortable place on earth!

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a hard day’s work, turning the key in the door and heading straight upstairs for some relaxing time in the bedroom. Unfortunately, many of us have bedrooms which aren’t exactly conducive to kicking off one’s shoes and taking a much-deserved nap; they’re cluttered, uncomfortable and uninspiring to say the least. If that describes the current state of your bedroom then you deserve better! If you feel like it is time to change things to create a more relaxing space then here are a few tips!

Freshen Things Up

Sometimes, all it takes is a lick of paint to transform a room from cold, clinical and a bit boring to inviting, comfortable and attractive. In the bedroom, you should aim for soothing colours like pale blues, greens, soft greys, and lavenders, which will help your mind and body to calm down and relax after a stressful day.

Change Your Mattress

On average, we spend at least one-third of our lives in bed, so it’s only sensible to make the experience as comfortable as possible. That might mean paying a little more for one of these Easca mattresses, which offer a superior level of support, but it will be worth it. A good mattress will make falling to sleep quickly easier and getting up free of aches and pains almost guaranteed.


Have you noticed that when you’re in a room that’s cluttered; which has lots of busy wall art and which is basically just full of things, your mind swirls, and you just can’t seem to relax? That’s because too much stuff is pretty distracting and it can stop you from doing the very thing you need to do in the bedroom - switching off. So, if you truly want your bedroom to be the most comfortable place on the planet, consider having a clean out, hiding any clutter that remains and choosing just one or two relaxing pieces of art (if any) for the walls.

Egyptian Cotton All the Way

Egyptian cotton sheets are a game-changer in the bedroom. They are less scratchy than man-made sheets, and because cotton is a natural material, they are more breathable, which helps to keep you cool when the weather is warmer. 

A Down Duvet

When you wrap yourself up in a down duvet, it’s like getting a hug from your favourite person. It’s warm, comfortable and extremely relaxing. If you want to experience the ultimate in comfort, you simply must invest in a down comforter! Some down pillows wouldn’t go amiss either.

A Slice of Life

You probably have a few plants in the kitchen and living room, but what about the bedroom? If you don’t already have a couple of plants in the bedroom, you should definitely consider changing that because, not only has it been proven that the presence of plants has a calming effect, but plants can help to improve your air quality for a better night’s sleep, too!

All that remains is to kick off your shoes, climb into your PJ's and enjoy some quality time in your bedroom!

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