Friday, 11 August 2017

Zippo's Circus // Jigit

One of the many reasons that I love living in Sheffield is there is always so much to do. I literally cannot believe that we are half way through the summer holidays already, there has been so much going on around the city and the surrounding areas that we haven't had a single day of boredom in our house.... hurrah! We've had a real treat this week though with the annual arrival of Zippo's Circus at Endcliffe Park who are here with their brand new action packed show "Jigit!".

Honestly, when it comes to family friendly shows, you really can't get much better than Zippo's Circus. A true circus, far removed from corporate counterparts... with Zippo's you get the real deal. No creepy clowns though, I promise!

I am in complete awe of the shows they put together. Each year they get better and better and 2017 is no exception. The title of the show "jigit" translates as skillful and brave, a perfectly fitting title for a jaw dropping show where artistes reach the absolute pinnacle of these qualities for the sheer enjoyment of the audience.

We had ringside seats for the 3pm show on Friday and we were seated nice and early ready for the show to begin, not before purchasing the obligatorily brochure, light up wand for kiddo and yummy circus snacks though!

I'm one of those people that wants to buy all the things at shows, I'm not gonna try and hide it!

Firstly, let me tell you if you can get ringside seats then do it! There's literally no better way of getting up close to the action, you'll be able to see everything in incredible detail. Well worth every penny!

The two part, two hour show was simply mesmerising. They have managed to cram in everything from the thundering hooves of acrobatic Cossack riding to heart stopping knife throwing and from performing budgies to a daring trapeze act, foot juggling with actual fire and much, much more. Let's not forget the world's greatest ringmaster either, Norman Barrett MBE, who is just an absolute legend! The acts were varied providing something for everyone!

Our group left the show all with a different favourite act. Kiddo loved the slapstick comedy from Emilion Delbosq and Norman Barrett with his budgies, of course! I couldn't possibly narrow it down to just one though so without further ado, here are my top five personal highlights from this year's show!

Kimberley on the trapeze

I love, love, love a good trapeze act (I even have a trapeze lady tattoo... I'm slightly obsessed!) and as one of the shows opening acts, well I just thought that it was beautiful. Her grace, personality and strength combined with the fact that this lady uses absolutely no safety nets as she dangles above the circus ring (by her heels, her heels for goodness sake!) meant that this act was absolute perfection.

(Photo - Piet-Hein Out)

Los Carmonas del Sol - Bola sensations

This act was loud, dangerous, energetic and tremendously hypnotic to watch. I didn't want it to end! I loved everything about this performance; the energy, the costumes, the absolute precision. Bolas are traditionally used by gauchos to capture animals by entangling their legs but the twirling of the bolas is also a beautiful art form. Definitely not one to try at home though! Kiddo found this one a little too loud but for me, I could have watched it all day!

(Photo - Piet-Hein Out)

The Khadikov Troupe and the "Jigit!" cossack horses

One of two animal acts in this year's show, this act was both astonishing and fearless. Sitting ringside for this was incredible as horses raced around the ring at breathtaking speed. Their impeccably skilled riders leapt from the horses, bounced onto the ground and re-mounted themselves in the blink of an eye. A real treat to witness the special relationship between man and horse in the circus ring.

(Photo - Piet-Hein Out)

By the way, if you're interested in how the animals are looked after at Zippo's Circus then you can pop along to one of their free open house days at most locations where you are able to see animals in their quarters and their trainers are available to answer any questions! I've been to these before in the past and they are so insightful, really putting your mind at rest when it comes to the welfare of the animals at Zippo's Circus! Happy, healthy, talented and beautiful!

Zulu Warriors

I have seen these guys so many times in the past but my goodness, their energy and positivity is infectious. They never disappoint. You literally cannot do anything other than smile and be amazed at this act! High speed acrobatics, human pyramid building and hoop jumping at breakneck speed. Also, they are so flipping cheerful. What's not to love?!

(Photo - Piet-Hein Out)

Lucius Troupe

The highlight and the closing act of the show, the Lucius Troupe are modern day "Jigit" riders in every way. A petrol-fuelled hair raising act where five riders entered the 'globe of death' whizzing around within mere feet of each other. If this wasn't frightening enough, at one point the globe splits into two whilst motorbikes hurtle round. It's brave, it's mind-boggling and you really have to see it to believe it.... that's if you can watch it without covering your eyes!

(Photo - Piet-Hein Out)

Zippo's Circus is currently touring the UK and is in Sheffield (Endcliffe Park, S11 7AB) until Monday 14th August 2017 so make sure you get your tickets to see this amazing show before they leave! Tickets are available from the circus box office on site or you can book in advance over on the Zippo's website where you can also find venue details, show times and lots more information!

* We were given complimentary tickets for the show but as always, all words and opinions are my own!

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  1. ahh I can't wait to go now! So many things I can't wait to see!!
    I am always a bit stingy when it comes to the flashing wand things though!