Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Review // PurePotions Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

I have mentioned here recently that I am in the process of making sure that all the products I use from now on are of the cruelty free variety. Buying cruelty free is something that I am passionate about but I also have super sensitive skin that seemingly reacts to almost everything. Finding suitable cruelty free alternatives for people with sensitive skin is not an easy quest, let me tell ya!

Let me introduce you to PurePotions though. I had not heard of this brand until very recently but after a browse on their website, I was thrilled to see that they specialise in products that have been carefully formulated so that they are suitable for people with sensitive skin or those who may be prone to skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.

PurePotions use the very finest ingredients in creating their products with nothing unnecessary added, ever. Not only this, PurePotions do not use ingredients that have been tested on animals and all of their products are made in their own UK workshop. No nasty chemicals, you know exactly what you're putting on your skin! Perfect! 

PurePotions very kindly sent me a natural shampoo and a natural conditioner recently to try out* and today I would love to share my thoughts on these two products if you are also looking to make the switch from cheaper, chemical filled brands too!

Firstly, the Natural Shampoo. This beautiful shampoo is remarkably mild and gentle and is perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin. On opening the bottle, I was impressed by the scent which smells deliciously natural. You can really pick up on the blend of incredible essential oils and herbal extracts which include honeysuckle, sweet basil, clove and lemongrass. Yummy!

Because this shampoo is soap free and doesn't contain foaming agents such as SLS, this shampoo doesn't bubble up like a traditional shampoo so I found that for the first few hair washes with this product it was tempting to use more than I usually would. I soon got used to the feeling though and adapted the amount of product I was using to suit my hair!

I found the shampoo to be very cleansing. I don't use any products on my hair so I can't comment on how well it would handle the breakdown of hairsprays and other products but for general everyday build up, I found that it is absolutely super.

The shampoo is a genuinely natural product and is not only great for the hair but the scalp too. No build up of product or toxins, just nice clean hair!

The Natural Conditioner is the perfect partner to the shampoo. Once again, this product is of 99% natural origin and has been specially formulated for those with dry, sensitive or allergy-prone scalps. Ingredients include calendula, chamomile, nettle, moisturising oatmeal and chickweed.

The lack of harsh synthetic ingredients in this product means that it has less 'glide' as you apply it to your hair. The product is a thick paste and with this one I find that I have to use more of it to get all the way through my hair which is naturally very thick. I'll admit that I find it quite hard to work into my hair but I must say that the results after using it are very pleasing. Once dry and styled, my hair is soft, smooth and tangle-free. It also smells delicious, I just love the scent of these products!

Overall I really love both of these products. They perform really well and leave my hair feeling soft, smooth, clean and tangle free. I love that these products are natural, cruelty free and have absolutely no nasties in them. No perfumes, no perfumes, no SLS, etc.

Both of these products are 200ml in size and are priced at £18.00 per bottle (QVC also sell them in a bundle at a special price, well worth a look!).

Take a look at the PurePotions website for more information and to see their full range of products which includes baby skincare, lip balms, cleansing products and much more!

* I was sent these products to try out in exchange for an honest review but as always, all words and opinions are my own

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