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Review // Food and Drinks at Walkabout, Sheffield

If you know me then you know I'm a girl who likes to eat out. It is probably my downfall but not much pleases me more than being able to go out for a delicious meal, trying out new foods and getting the chance to relax whilst somebody else cooks and does the dishes afterwards! So when Walkabout asked me recently if I'd like to come in and sample their brand new food and drinks menu*, I said yes without hesitation! 

Walkabout is one of those places that I have been aware of for what feels like forever. My now husband used to rent a student flat directly behind the Sheffield Walkabout so it's a place that we'd pass and frequent often. I will admit that it's been off my radar for a while but visiting here again after so many years was a lovely bit of nostalgia and we had an absolutely super evening out! 

Walkabout is a unique Australian themed chain bar with venues dotted around the country with venues everywhere from Blackpool to Newquay. They are famous for their big-screen live TV sport and for their themed party nights. They have also recently released a brand new food and drinks menu packed full of delicious dishes, from great Aussie classics to adventurous burgers. I couldn't wait to see what was on offer! 

We made a table reservation for 6pm on Sunday evening and after dropping kiddo off with her grandma, it was time to eat all the food! 

The first thing that impressed me was the interior of the building that the Sheffield Walkabout is housed in, a listed former Methodist Church. If you look up, there are some amazing original features that have been retained and worked into the current set up. So beautiful! I also loved the addition of the indoor beach hut tables and the not so subtle nods towards Australia dotted around everywhere you looked. Yep, even surfboards on the ceiling. 

The venue is everything you'd expect for a lively sports and party bar venue but our table was located in a nice quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle. 

We spent a while studying the menu which really has every base covered when it comes to food choices. So. Much. Choice! Everything sounded super delicious too so we made the brave decision to attempt a full three courses. A wise decision in my book! 

Whilst there was a huge choice of snacks/starters on the menu, we really liked the sound of the dishes made for sharing. We opted for the "Billy Can Nachos Stack" and whilst we waited for our sharing starter to arrive, we sipped on cocktails. I went for a Pina Colada because this is always, always my drink of choice. It was made to perfection; nice and strong.... just how I like it! 

Now, let's talk about this starter. When it came to reading the menu, I clearly didn't see the word "giant" in the description. And I have no idea what a Billy Can is either. What arrived at our table was potentially the biggest portion of nachos I have ever seen! 

The waiter brought the starter to the table in a giant tin can (a Billy Can, I guess!) which he then removed to reveal an almighty layered stack of nachos. Honestly, my photograph does not do it justice.... it was huge. The nachos were packed with the usual suspects of grated cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos, sweetcorn, chilli and spring onion. What really made this really quite special though was the layers of warm macaroni cheese which really made this dish delicious and very moreish. I love macaroni cheese and it was the perfect addition to a classic starter.

Try as we might though, we couldn't conquer this tower and had to admit defeat half way through. It was flipping delicious though!

For our main course, I really wanted to try one of the chicken parmigiana dishes. With about five different variations to choose from, there really is something for everyone. From crumbled stilton and onion chutney to avocado and mushroom, I certainly had a difficult time making a decision! 

In the end I went for the chilli parmi which came topped with chilli con carne, melted cheese, jalapenos, chillies and a good splash of Frank's Hot Sauce. Served with a generous portion of chips and sweet beetroot slaw, this dish was delicious in every way. The combination of toppings provided the perfect fiery kick to the breaded chicken underneath; hot but not too hot! 

My husband spied the Mega Wafflewich which was marked as a must try on the menu and instantly decided he'd like to take up the challenge. This dish contained two giant waffles sandwiching a beef burger, pulled pork and a Hunter's parmi. If I remember rightly there were pickles and bacon packed in there too! He went for the spicy fries to accompany this and it also came served with a side salad, beetroot slaw and BBQ sauce.

Once again, the portion size was generous and the food was both hot and cooked to perfection. I literally have no complaints! My husband said his meal was super. 

Let's just add a photo of him here so that we can appreciate the size of his main course!

When the waiter came to clear our plates, we had one of those awkward situations where we both exclaimed we were so full we might never eat again but when our server recommended a freakshake for dessert, well I didn't take much convincing. I love a good pudding and felt like it would complete our meal nicely! 

The freakshakes come in two sizes, an individual one or a giant one made for sharing. We decided that we would share the smaller of the two because we were super full but there was no way I wanted to go home without trying one!

And I am so glad that we ordered one because it was absolutely delicious! This dessert featured a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge milkshake poured into a chunky glass, smothered with Nutella and decorated with a flake and smarties. The shake was topped with a wedge of yummy chocolate fudge cake, a double chocolate cookie, pink candy floss, squirty cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate flavour sauce and icing sugar. It was good, really good! 

We managed to finish this between the both of us, the combination of toppings wasn't anywhere near as much of a sugar overdose as I thought it might be. I was really pleased with this dessert! 

We had a lovely time at Walkabout and we were both very impressed with both the food and service. The staff we had contact with were friendly, enthusiastic and very attentive. We didn't have to wait for each course of our meal and drinks were kept nicely topped up throughout our time there. Honestly I cannot fault our meal or the service! It was all super. 

The food menu is very reasonably priced, the drinks menu is extensive and the portion sizes are generous. We wouldn't hesitate in dining at Walkabout again in the future!

Pop over to the Walkabout website to find a bar, browse the menu and see what's on at your local! 

* We were given a complimentary meal in return for an honest review. All thoughts and words are my own.

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