Friday, 11 August 2017

Beautiful on a budget // Decorating your first home

There are few things more exciting than moving into your very first home. It’s a chance for you to truly live independently as an adult, and this little space you rent or buy is symbolic of a brand new chapter in your life. Chances are you will want to make your new home as personal to you as possible, not only because it’s a fun and exciting thing to do but because it will help you feel far more ‘at home’ as quickly as possible. There’s only one problem - budget. Most people moving into their first home don’t have a tonne of cash, and so you might have to get thrifty to get the most for your money.

Here are some ideas for things to try!

Search for sales

For some items, paying for quality is always your best bet. Mattresses and sofas for example will last much longer and be more comfortable than going for a cheaper alternative. But you don’t have to pay full price, keep an eye out for sales; this chesterfield sofa sale for instance has thirty percent off which could mean a saving of hundreds. At least then you have a beautiful, comfortable piece of furniture that will last you for many years, rather than replacing springy and worn pieces constantly (which will cost a lot more in the long run). Instead of buying cheap with these two things, try to find better quality but at discounted prices.

Raid bargain shops and websites

For other items, going cheap is the best way to go when you’re first starting out. From Ikea’s 50p plates and bowls to photo frames and knick knacks in the Pound shop to throws and cushions on eBay. B&M, The Range, Matalan, and supermarkets all sell very inexpensive but lovely home-ware, you’ll find you can kit out your place and make it feel like your own but without spending much money.

Check Out Facebook Groups and Classified Sites People often upgrade their appliances and furniture long before it’s worn out meaning you can grab some great second-hand bargains. Things like washing machines, cookers and fridges can be expensive to buy new but incredibly cheap second hand. Providing they look OK and still work properly it’s a win- win for you, give them a good clean, and you’ve saved yourself hundreds. You could always work on saving and upgrading these as time goes on.

Buy items before you move

Finally, one of the best ways you can spread the cost is by buying items before you move. You could get hold of a couple of big boxes and label them ‘bedroom’ ‘kitchen’ ‘living room’ ‘bathroom’ etc. and put any items you’re able to get before you go into these. At least you then have a few things to get you started. Pick up things like a bath mat and towels, kitchen utensils, bedding and other essential items that you’ll need to start using right away.

What tips would you give to someone who is planning on moving into their first home soon?

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