Monday, 28 August 2017

5 Ways We'll Be Spending Time In The Garden This Autumn

Autumn, the best season of the year is approaching us at a rapid pace and I just can't tell you how happy I am about this! As much as I love those blissful long summer days, there's nothing quite like feeling a chill in the air and getting to layer up when it gets cooler! It certainly won't be long until PSL's arrive in Starbucks and pumpkins are everywhere..... Honestly, I can't wait! 

One of the things we love most about summer though is getting the chance to spend as much time as possible out in the garden. This year we have made a real effort with gardening and kiddo just loves being outdoors so with this in mind, there's absolutely no reason why we should be spending any less time out there once the days get a little more chilly. 

Here are five ways we'll be spending time in the garden this autumn....

Keeping warm and being prepared

Firstly, I'm a firm believer in the idea that there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. Keeping warm and dry is super important when it comes to spending time outdoors so we'll be stocking up on suitable clothing and tools ready to keep on spending time in the garden this autumn. I love these bright yellow S5 safety boots from Engelbert Strauss which not only are waterproof but are anti-slip and dirt repellent too. Just the thing for working out in the garden! A warm fleece type top is also a must, especially as they are so easy to throw in the wash when you need to.... they dry so quickly. 

Finally, having the right tools to do the jobs you want to do makes all the difference in the world! Sweeping leaves is one of our biggest jobs in the autumn and so having a good collection of brushes and a suitable way to dispose of garden waste is a must! 

Looking after garden birds and wildlife

We are so lucky that our tiny garden is packed full of wildlife and so looking after our bird visitors is something we love to do throughout the whole year. From providing extra food to placing feeders away from predators (we get quite a few unwanted visits from cats in the neighbourhood!), keeping the bird bath topped up with fresh water and growing berry bearing plants as an extra source of food.... there are plenty of ways to encourage and look after wildlife in the garden during autumn!

Covering up furniture and tidying away

Tidying away all of kiddo's summer toys into our Keter "Store It Out" garden storage shed is an essential job if we want them to look their best once spring arrives again. We love this outdoor storage shed as it's no too big but houses all our picnic stuff, toys, paddling pool, etc very nicely. I always like to keep a few autumn friendly toys near the top for easy access as she loves playing outside, all year round! 

This year we added a Jack and Jill style bench to our garden and so we're currently on the lookout for a tough waterproof cover to protect it from wind, rain, frost, bird droppings and more whilst we're not using it. Something like this VonHaus cover from Amazon would be ideal but we just need to check the measurements first before making a purchase!

Tidying the borders and digging out the foliage

Autumn is the perfect time to be out in the garden keeping on top of that summer growth, trimming it all back to keep things looking neat over the colder months. It's also the perfect time to remove dead foliage, give those borders a good tidy, dig up pesky weeds and even start planting for the following year before the real cold and frost sets in! As mentioned above though, our biggest job is keeping on top of fallen leaves which can soon become super slippery and dangerous. I'm forever sweeping in the autumn... it never ends! 

Repairs and maintenance

Finally, one that I'm guilty of not keeping on top of in previous years! This year will be different though, I'm determined! Autumn is the perfect time to make repairs to garden furniture, fences, etc and we have quite a few jobs that we'd love to complete before the winter arrives and the days are too short. We'll be finishing painting trellis panels, constructing a wildlife corner and giving existing outdoor furniture a lick of wood preservative to name just a few jobs. We are big fans of the Cuprinol 5 year Ducksback shed & fence treatment which is perfect for protecting a number of wooden items in the garden. We'll be stocking up on this to finish a few jobs off over the next few months, for sure!


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