Sunday, 2 July 2017

Things I've loved this week // 037

A little Sunday round-up, some of the little things that I've been loving this week!

New hair

I spent my first afternoon after coming home from our holiday at the hairdressers getting my mane cute and coloured. I usually work if kiddo is at nursery so trips to the hairdressers instead feel dead indulgent! It's a little bit more blonde and I'm really loving having something a bit different (for me, anyway!). I just need to start looking after it a bit better because I'm on a mission to grow it long! Recommend me your favourite (cruelty free!) hair care products, please!

New Leighton Denny nail products

This week I have been loving two new additions to my beauty kit, the Leighton Denny Rock Solid nail strengthening treatment and a gorgeous Leighton Denny summery nail shade, Sugar & Spice.
Nails are one of those things that I have really neglected over the past few months and so the strengthening treatment is really working it's magic when it comes to protecting my nails and promoting healthier growth. This treatment can be used daily or underneath nail polish. I used it on it's own for a week then applied the Sugar & Spice nail polish over the top. Honestly, I've had this colour on for a while now and it's showing no signs of going anywhere which I am so pleased about because usually nail polish lasts me a day, max! 
Sugar & Spice has the most delicious candyfloss pink shimmer to it, it's just perfect if you're looking for a no fuss shade this summer!

A new coat

As somebody who is interested in pursuing a more simple and clutter free lifestyle, I am committed to only owning a maximum of two coats.... one for the warmer months and one for winter. I have needed a replacement summer coat for well over a year but it has been a mega difficult search because I need a coat that's as good for dog walks as it is for nipping to the shops! Luckily I stumbled upon this mustard coloured beauty in Joules the other day and I am so pleased with it.... it's waterproof, just the right length and best of all, it matches kiddo's coat!

Being outdoors

Even though it's been ridiculously cold here in Yorkshire this week, I have loved spending time outdoors. Whether it's taking Elsie for longer walks in the evening or spending time sprucing up the garden. Nothing beats a bit of fresh air!

A post-holiday high

Last week we stayed with the rest of my family in a holiday cottage in North Wales. It's not somewhere I have been for years but we all had such a lovely time. The weather was flipping amazing too! I have returned home feeling refreshed, happy and raring to go. I've made some real progress with my 'to do' lists this week, clearing stuff out and getting stuff done. Long may this continue! 

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in a comment below!

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