Sunday, 16 April 2017

Things I've loved this week // 034

A little Sunday round-up, some of the little things that I've been loving this week!

Feeling better

I think this winter has been the absolute worst in terms of my health. I've had so many viruses, pretty much one after the other and despite my best attempts, I just keep on getting ill! Last week I came down with severe tonsillitis and I'll be honest, it has been rubbish. After a swift trip to the doctors though and armed with a bag full of antibiotics, I'm slowly starting to feel like myself again. Keeping my fingers crossed for no more viruses now for a while! 
I am super grateful for all of the help I've had this week and that kiddo has been an absolute angel despite us not being able to get out properly and enjoy the holidays!

New phone

New phone, new phone, yay! My old iPhone hadn't been the same after I dropped it a while ago so I was super excited to get a new phone this week. I went for the iPhone 7 in rose gold, it's so pretty! I'm currently waiting on a new case and screen protector from eBay but until then, I'm filling the phone with all my favourite apps and enjoying having a phone that actually works properly! I also love the camera on it too....

Cinema date

I promised kiddo a cinema date as soon as I was feeling up to it and so off we went on Thursday to see The Boss Baby which she was excited to see! She's so good at the cinema, it's becoming one of our favourite things to do together. She loves the routine of buying tickets and snacks and picking which movies she wants to see next from the trailers. The Boss Baby itself was super, I thought it looked daft from the trailers but we were both laughing (in a good way!) all through the movie!

Disney planning

I feel so behind with Disney planning this year due to all the illnesses we've had over winter. We had a little productivity boost this week and got down some of those annoying tasks like booking insurance, linking up our bookings, booking our airport transfer and the best bit.... choosing our MagicBands! It still hasn't quite sunk in that we'll be heading back to Disney World in a few months.... I'm just so excited but because we're keeping it as a surprise for kiddo (more on that soon!), we're having to play it cool at home when she's around!

Amazon deliveries

Amazon have been a bit slack with their delivery schedule recently so my copy of Moana only just arrived yesterday, what feels like a million days behind everyone else! Still, very much worth the wait though! I also grabbed the deluxe edition Beauty & the Beast soundtrack as a treat for myself because well, I'm still on a BUY ALL THE BEAUTY & THE BEAST STUFF high! It's absolutely stunning, I just can't get enough of it.

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in a comment below!

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