Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Easter Crafting with Poundland

We are well into the Easter holidays now and if you are starting to struggle for ideas to keep the kids entertained then look no further! 

As much as we're a family who loves getting out and about, this week I have been hit by a bout of severe tonsillitis and let me tell you, it ain't been fun! We've not been able to get out so we've been having as much holiday fun as we can at home, sticking on our favourite family DVD's, baking, play dough-ing, pottering in the garden and of course, crafting.

Now, when it comes to craft sessions with kiddo, there's one shop that I can rely on for all our crafting needs..... and that shop is Poundland! If you know me, you'll know that I love my bargain shops and Poundland is my absolute 'go to' place if I need craft activities/supplies, small toys, travel goodies or anything else for kiddo. It's brilliant..... I know I don't need to tell you this! 

One thing I really like is their range of seasonal goods. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day..... whatever the occasion, you'll always find a huge range of goods available to purchase. Easter is no exception to this either so when Poundland got in touch with me recently and very kindly asked if I would like to try out their Easter range, I simply jumped at the chance!

So, armed with a voucher*, I popped down to my local store. I was very impressed with the range of products I found, everything from basic craft supplies to complete kits, Easter table decorations, egg hunt supplies and of course, chocolate eggs! I let kiddo loose on the Easter section and here are just some of the things she chose....

I also picked up a few bags of decorated eggs and some fluffy chicks ready for a craft project I had planned with kiddo.... more on that soon!

Let's take a closer look at some of the things we bought....

These craft kits have been firm favourites in our house this week. They are such good quality for just £1 each, I'll definitely be going back to see if there are any more! Kiddo chose the "Pop Stick Creations" kit and the "Tissue Art" kit. Both of these are complete craft sets, which is amazing as there's nothing more annoying than having to hunt down the PVA glue hidden somewhere in your house!

Each set comes with everything you need and this includes super simple instructions. The tissue for the tissue art kit was neatly pre-cut in to squares and the pop stick kit came with it's own stickers and tube of glue (which is perfectly Easter themed I might add!). 

These kits really are a no fuss, no mess, stress free solution to crafting. Perfect when you want to do an activity and don't have much time or don't want to tidy up the mess afterwards! 

Kiddo had an absolute blast putting these together and she was oh, so proud of her tissue paper shapes! 

She's planning on sticking her tissue paper shapes on card to make some thank you notes for all of the Easter eggs she has received so far. She's super kind! 

Next up, I wanted to make some kind of Easter display in kiddo's bedroom. We always do one for Christmas and her birthday which she loves so this year I wanted to include Easter too! She's mad for collecting sticks when we go out on walks (what 3 year old isn't?!) so the other day I asked her to choose a few to bring home to make an Easter tree. 

She painted the twigs in her favourite colours with some acrylic paint and then we popped them in an enamel jug. Once the twigs had dried, I handed over the bags of eggs and the fluffy rainbow chicks that I picked up from Poundland and she set to work decorating the tree. 

Underneath she placed a few of her favourite Easter toys and a few small Kinder chocolates from Poundland ready for the big day. These didn't last long, I can promise you that! 

To finish off the tree, I popped the Poundland carrot lights over the branches so that we can light it up at night. These lights are such a cute novelty idea, I love the carrot design and the clear wire means that they could be hung anywhere without looking messy. They are also super bright. In other words, a complete bargain for just £1! 

I love kiddo's Easter tree.... didn't she do well?! Those rainbow chicks are so ridiculously cute! I thoroughly regret not buying more than one box of them though because they would be great for the Easter table or for bonnet decorating duties too!

This "Paint Your Own Easter Bunny" is a kit we have lined up for tomorrow afternoon and I'm super excited for kiddo to get started on it. She loves painting! Once again, I love that these kits are complete.... I love anything fuss free! 

The range of goods that we picked up from Poundland is super impressive. There really is something for every mini crafter, no matter what their age or interest is! From complete kits to super cute decorations, bonnets, bits for the garden and much more. 

If you're looking to keep your little ones entertained at home over the next week or so then I'd thoroughly recommend popping down to your local Poundland store to stock up on their range of craft kits and Easter goodies! They also have a super range of bargain branded Easter eggs, well worth snapping up before the end of the weekend!  

* Collaborative post but all words are my own

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