Friday, 24 March 2017

Unique gift ideas for mums

Looking to show your mum how special she is? When there’s a special occasion on the horizon, chances are you want to find the perfect gift to really treat her and show her you care. However, some mums are hard to buy for. Maybe they’re not that interested in material things, or perhaps they’re the kind of person that seems to already own everything? Sometimes nothing on the shelves can seem quite right. If that’s the case, why not do things a little differently? Here are some alternative gift ideas for mum!

Something homemade

The great thing about homemade gifts is that it shows a whole lot of thought and effort, and with each piece being completely unique you know they’ve never had one just like it before. If you have a skill in an area, utilize it! Whether it’s baking, sewing, paper crafts, candle making- create something special with your mum in mind. You could even buy a kit with all of the equipment you need included to help you create something if you’ve not done it before. 

Hampers also make great gifts for mum, you can buy these or create them yourself. This idea is useful if you’re not particularly crafty since you still get the homemade element without actually making anything. Get a selection of different items, and bundle them together in a pretty basket. Homemade gifts are a good choice whether your budget is big or small. Have a look on sites like Pinterest for ideas, there are so many wonderful things people have made it’s sure to inspire you! 

An experience day

If you’re looking on the shelves for presents and nothing seems quite right, why not gift an experience day instead of a physical item? It could be tickets to see a performer or a show at the theatre. It could be some pampering treatments at a spa or salon or even lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant. It could be something you could do together, great for spending more time together if you don’t see them as much as you’d like. Or you could simply gift two tickets and let them choose who they bring- whether it’s a friend or even your dad. Instead of an item to unwrap you get to give them incredible memories and treat them to something that they might not have done for themselves.

A subscription

A magazine subscription is the obvious choice, but actually you can get subscriptions for anything these days. Food, beauty products, books, even tea and coffee. Rather than just a gift on Mother’s Day it keeps on giving, they will receive a treat in the post for the next three, six or twelve months depending on what you sign up for. Make sure you order early enough that the first box arrives for Mother’s Day, that way you can keep hold of it and give them the first one on the day. Or you could purchase a one off box to arrive as soon as possible, along with the subscription for future boxes.

Spend time on gift wrapping

The thought shown in a beautifully wrapped present might be lost on an excited child, but when it comes to your mother, it’s something they’re sure to really appreciate. Handing them a gorgeously wrapped gift shows that you’ve put time and effort into it, even if the gift itself isn't especially expensive. You can find so many gift wrapping ideas online. You could go with anything from rustic brown paper or coloured paper tied up with ribbons and strings, paper that you have printed or designed yourself or some gorgeous gift wrap from a store.

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