Saturday, 4 March 2017

Moorish vs minimal: which look will you try?

If you’re stuck in a bit of a design rut it can be challenging to know where to go next with your interior scheme. Sometimes it helps to have one cohesive scheme that you use throughout the whole house, if not, at least a room. By getting inspiration from one interior design theme you’ll create at atmospheric and well-thought out home. Take a look at these two very different interior design styles for some tips and tricks...


Moorish style is easily identifiable for its use of colour. Rich oranges, not dissimilar to the colour of turmeric, mingle with deep purples and browns. Try adding a touch of Morocco to your interiors by layering fabrics in these colours. Bed covers and throws, screens, and wall paint are all ways to incorporate colour into a room. Mix and match yours, sticking with the Moorish palette, and you’ll have a great base for your design.

Next, you’ll need to move onto accessories. To bring your look together, and add a point of interest, nothing finishes a room like accessories. To create the Moroccan look buy some lanterns and put tea lights inside. Scatter these lanterns around a living room or even a bathroom. For maximum impact place a few on the floor and some raised, make sure they're all different sizes too.

Finally, if you have the budget, incorporate some more heavy-duty Moorish design. An outdoor stone oven, or even some arches, are a great way to give a nod to this design look.

Bright and airy

Most people believe this is the easiest style to recreate in their homes, but it’s deceptively tricky. Bright and airy rooms are somewhat minimalist in their styling. However, instead of using modern furnishings to create the look, you'd utilise nature instead.

Wooden flooring is a way to achieve this look. Carpet doesn’t tend to lend itself well to an airy look. Keep your colours muted and natural. Soft blues and natural woody browns are a good place to start. Painting dark wood furniture white also helps to achieve this look. Light is so important, big bay or monte verde windows, will flood a room with natural light and simple chandeliers can also add a touch of glamour to the bright and airy look.

In terms of accessories, less is more. Other than perhaps some white fabric sofas, blue cushions, and painted coffee table, there shouldn’t be too much else. An interesting lamp maybe, with a driftwood stand is about as far as you should go. The most important thing is clean lines and living for this look.

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