Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Give your children the freedom to travel

Throughout our lives, we may find the opportunity to travel. It is an important way of extending our awareness and improving our knowledge and appreciation. Travelling to other countries is vital and should be experienced by children as well as adults.

The first time you get your kids together to go away, there is an overwhelming sense of responsibility. You need to organise the passports, the insurance. You need to get everything right because what if something happens? What if someone hurts themselves? Dealing with that in a foreign country could seem even more stressful; however if they see you suffering, then it will naturally become something they are fearful of.

If finances are tight, then you may simply not be able to afford a holiday. If this is the case, then you can find alternative ways to help your children see the world. Talk to the school. If there are London school trips coming up then you might find there is a way of getting financial support which will enable your child to go. It isn’t the same as travelling with them, but it will feel great to know they are seeing the world, even if you can’t do it together! 

If you can manage to save, then you need to consider what you want your kids to learn. Maybe you just want to teach them that travelling isn’t difficult, so heading out on fun summer holidays is enough for you. Perhaps you want your children to learn a little about arts and culture, so you take them to Venice to see some beautiful galleries and the architecture of the city. While it is important to teach children about other cultures, do remember this needs to be age appropriate. Dragging young children around art galleries could potentially put them off this experience as they get older, so choose your destinations around the age and personality of your children.

As they get older, they have more options. A great way of travelling in your late teens is to volunteer abroad. So you could help them set up fundraising ideas and research the options. Ghana offers great gap year experiences where your child would spend a few months helping to teach sport, English or life skills. They get their accommodation for free and are allowed plenty of free time to explore Africa which is a diverse and beautiful country.

Giving your children the freedom to travel is a unique and special gift. You can do this by inspiring them with fantastic trips and experiences from a young age and by working hard to ensure they get the opportunities you may not have had yourself. Travelling is amazing for personal growth, so make it an important part of your family life!

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