Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Five non-Disney theme parks I want to visit in the next few years

If you know me in real life, you'll know I'm a little bit* obsessed with theme parks. Our holidays throughout the year are almost always centred around visiting attractions, we just can't get enough! Of course, Disney is my one true love but I'm also such a geek when it comes to theme park history too. I feel super lucky to live just a couple of hours away from my favourite theme park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which is packed full of the most amazing assortment modern and vintage rides, including the Flying Machines which remains one of the oldest rides still in operation in Europe.

Visiting every Disney park is an ultimate bucket list goal for me but there are also so many other parks across the world that I want to visit too. Here are five theme parks that I am putting on my list of places to see in the next few years! 

Efteling, Netherlands

Efteling opened in 1952 and is a fantasy-themed theme park packed full of attractions that are based on legends, fairy tales, folklore and ancient myths. It's just over an hour away from Amsterdam and now that overnight stays are offered in hotel rooms, holiday homes or apartments.... well, I really have no excuse for not visiting! All of the attractions look magical but I am so enchanted by the idea of riding Droomvlucht (the dreamflight ride) which travels through a land of castles and fairy tales. It sounds like just my cup of tea!

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

One of the oldest theme parks in the world. Every time I look at photographs of this place, I get so excited. It looks so beautiful, magical and wonderfully nostalgic. My only hesitation in visiting here is making that tough decision of when to visit first.... Halloween looks incredible as the gardens are transformed into a breathtaking Halloween wonderland but Christmas sounds equally amazing too! With heaps of things for folk of all ages to do, Tivoli is definitely somewhere we'll be visiting soon!

Moominworld, Finland

I've been a huge Moomin fan since I was a child so finding out that Moominworld is an actual real life place has blown my mind. I need to go! This place is not a traditional theme park in that it doesn't have any rides although there is lots to see and explore. It looks like such a sweet little place, definitely high on my list of places I want to visit!

Dreamland, UK

Surprisingly, this is the only place in the United Kingdom on my list! Recently restored and reopened, Dreamland is now packed full of retro cool and the kind of British seaside nostalgia that I love oh, so much! There's loads for little ones to do too including a classic mirror maze, gallopers and swing boats. Free to enter and pay per ride, let me at it!

Liseberg, Sweden

One for when kiddo is a bit older because we'd want to make the most of all the amazing rides and attractions on offer! From one of the best wooden track coasters in the world to the 2017 arrival of the terrifying looking Loke and let's not forget the more traditional log flume and bumper cars too..... there's so much I want to see at Liseberg! Also, it's in Gothenburg, Sweden.... somewhere I've wanted to visit for so long!

Are you a fan of theme parks? Or have you visited any of the theme parks that I have listed? Let me know in a comment below!

*OK, a lot!

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