Thursday, 30 March 2017

5 housewarming gift ideas

What do you get that friend or family member who’s just moved into a new home? It’s not always easy to find the perfect housewarming present, especially if the person in question already has lots of household essentials. However, with a little imagination, it is possible to pick the ideal gift. Here are five ideas that should give you a head start.

Decorative lights

It can take a while for people to put their own stamp on a new property. However, little interior design touches can speed this process up. This is where decorative lights come into their own. From string lights, to mood lamps, to LED candles, there are a host of options that can transform the look and feel of whole rooms. For example, the battery candles from PK Green come in a range of designs and offer a simple and safe way to add instant character to homes. They can bring romance to bedrooms, brighten up kids’ rooms and even create a spa look in bathrooms. From the reassuring yellow-toned flicker of traditional style battery candles to coloured models in striking hues like brilliant red and hot pink, you won’t struggle to find something to fit the bill.

Photo wall art

Another way people can make a house feel like a home is to hang personalised artworks on the walls. So, why not purchase your loved ones these decorative accessories? You could have one of their favourite family photos or holiday snaps printed onto a large canvas. Or, if you’d prefer something even more personal, why not create your own framed display featuring photos you know they’ll love? Giving them one-of-a-kind artworks like this is bound to bring a smile to their face.

A decadent food hamper

Money can be tight when people move into a new place, so luxuries like expensive food and drinks are often off the menu. This means indulgent hampers are a thoughtful treat. From gourmet baskets featuring artisanal delights like patés, cheeses and Belgian chocolates to hampers containing decadent drinks such as champagnes, single malt whiskies and highly rated wines, there are many different types available.

A great cookbook

Whether the person you’re present-seeking for is a novice in the kitchen or they love preparing elaborate meals, a cookbook can be a great present. It might encourage them to make the most of their new kitchen and give them some different ideas to help them rustle up tasty treats. Just make sure you choose a book that’s pitched at the right skill level and suits their palate.

The perfect plant

When chosen well, plants are a gift that keep on giving. If your friend or family member has a garden in their new place, why not get some greenery that they can plant outdoors? From forget-me-nots, to camellias, to acacias, to Japanese quinces, there’s no shortage of options! For indoor areas, anything from orchids to dwarf oranges trees could be ideal.

These housewarming presents don’t have to cost much money, but they’re virtually guaranteed to impress the person you’re buying for!

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