Friday, 24 February 2017

Review // The Netherlands National Circus

We all know that I have a real love affair with circus shows whether it is in a theatre style setting or a traditional travelling big top show..... there's just something so magical about it all and I just can't get enough! As a family, I am always on the lookout for shows that are accessible for people of all ages and so when The Netherlands National Circus arrived in Sheffield yesterday, we popped along to their first show to check it out.

The circus arrived into Sheffield on the same day that storm Doris hit the country. We were worried that the extreme winds would affect the show or even cause it to be cancelled but once we were inside the big top, we found it was not only sheltered but warm too! 

Once we had handed over our tickets, it was time to grab a programme and some traditional circus snacks (sweet popcorn for me, such a treat!) ready for the show to begin. As with most circus shows, we loved that the cast were out and about greeting the audience and selling souvenirs such as light up wands before the show started. It's always a nice touch and it's a chance to meet some of the cast too.

The show was a two hour fun filled extravaganza featuring an international cast of over thirty performers that includes everything from mind boggling illusionists to highly skilled jugglers and fearless circus acrobatics. 

The show has some unforgettable acts, my absolute favourite of which was The Veres Family who are a trio of illusionists that performed some absolutely mind blowing stunts. Of course, they had the traditional sawing a lady in half trick which was the first time kiddo had seen something like this. Her shrieks of "it's magic!" after each piece confirmed her absolute belief and joy at seeing what was happening. My husband and I were just left gobsmacked.... there was an awful lot of "why, what, howwwwww?!!!!" going on for sure! 

Kiddo loved Miss Lena the 'hula hoop sensation'. She's absolutely obsessed with hula hooping at the moment so this really made her smile. The act offered a unique aerial twist at the end which really made this piece special. 

Duo Extreme were the final act before the interval and my goodness, what a highlight it was for the entire audience! This unique, beautiful and incredibly moving performance involved a large tank of water, it was a visually stunning part of the show that was complete with a soundtrack of Rammstein's "Fruhling in Paris". Absolutely phenomenal! 

Angelo the clown provided traditional heart warming comedy throughout the show, appearing between each act to conjure plenty of laughs from the audience. The "let's go to the movies" sketch towards the end of the show is one we have seen before but it never fails to be unique each time you see it, especially as it involves working with numerous members of the audience. It was absolutely hilarious! 

We loved the fact that there are absolutely no animals in this show, the whole performance relies on the talent of the cast and my goodness, what a talented cast they are. In our digital age, there's really nothing like the magic of coming together as a family to see a live performance of some of the most insanely talented people. The Netherlands National Circus 2017 show is an unforgettable show and a real treat for the whole family, I really do recommend it!

The Netherlands National Circus is currently touring and is in Sheffield (Hillsborough Stadium Car Park, S6 1QE) until Sunday 26th February 2017 so make sure you get your tickets to see this amazing show before it leaves! Tickets are available from the circus box office on site or you can book in advance over on the The Netherlands National Circus website where you can also find venue details, show times and more information!

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