Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Organising a sports day that kids of all ages will love

Whether you’re on the PTA at your children’s school and have been put in charge of organising sports day or are thinking of throwing your own sports event for kids in your area, then you are probably in need of a little inspiration. So, to help you plan the most amazing event that will be enjoyed by the kids and adults alike, here are some ideas that you could consider implementing!

Combine traditional races with new activities

As well as the traditional egg and spoon race, sack race, relay race, and running race, get creative and come up with some other activities to incorporate into your event. Sports days are all about the races, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate new activities into them. Things like hula hooping competitions, athletics events, such as shot put, long jump, and hurdles, dress-up races where the kids have to put one a funny outfit before racing, and plank races where the whole team has to walk as one on two long planks, are all great ways to put a new twist on sports day.

Get the parents involved

A great way to make your sports day event more enjoyable for everyone in attendance is to to find ways to get the parents involved. Don’t just have a couple of races at the end for the parents, incorporate them into races throughout the event. Perhaps every other race could involve parents so that everyone has the opportunity to get involved and have a good time? The best events to allow parents to join in are wheelbarrow races, piggyback races, and relay races - as long as each team has the same ratio of adults to children, along with other events, such as plank racing, for instance.

Have prizes

Don’t make the mistake of having no winners, like some kid’s sports events do. It’s important for kids to experience both winning and losing, which is why having prizes like trophies and medals to give our to the winners is a good idea. When a child wins a race, they deserve to get recognition for it, which is why having prizes is important. It doesn’t matter whether you buy proper trophies and medals or whether you pick up some kid’s ones, just as long as you’ve got something to award the winners with.

Make it more than a sports event

Why not make your sports day more than just a sports day and make it more of a community event by having food, music, and other activities going on? Perhaps you could even continue the event after the races, and sports activities have finished and make a day of it? Whether it’s a school sports day or a community event, continuing it into the evening could work well. Perhaps you could arrange a BBQ or a buffet, music, and other activities to keep the kids occupied?

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