Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Easy house makeover in a weekend

There is no such thing as simple home improvements. Home improvements are by definition time and cost demanding, or at least that’s what many people think. Believe it or not, but you can improve your house without breaking the bank - however, this concerns only light home improvements as opposed to structural renovations and house extensions. Nevertheless, you can change the feeling of a room in a weekend only and even with a tight budget. 

Whether you are getting tired of the same old kitchen, or you living room is giving your headaches, there are ways to transform the room for the best and fall in love again with your home, sweet home. Have a look at the 5 most common room makeovers on a budget, that you can do in your house in a couple of days. Long live the DIY power and good luck with your home improvement works!

Get a bathroom makeover

Your bathroom is an important part of your house, as it is one of the busiest room. Every day the family queues to get ready for work or for school, and every evening everyone has their own bedtime rituals in the bathroom, from brushing their teeth to enjoying a relaxing bath. As a result, your bathroom will rapidly begin to look a little tired. Thankfully, there are easy bathroom upgrades that can give it a new youth without starting long-term renovation projects. Adding a mirror will, for example, bring new depth to the bathroom. Changing the tile grout can also make it look instantly brighter and cleaner, and it will take you only a few hours to do. If you are up for a challenge, you could add a fresh coat of paint to revive the bathroom; remember that bright colours will give it a new vitality while darker colour schemes might make it look small and close.

Give your bedroom a makeover

If your bedroom needs a little change, sometimes a little decor transformation can go a long way without needing to change the bed or to buy a new wardrobe. Creating a homely feeling in your bedroom needs no more than the right decorative objects for a start. Candles and light shades are the perfect allies in creating a new ambiance in a room. If you love fresh flowers, don’t hesitate to add a handsome vase with freshly cut white flowers, as these tend to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Not enough? Turn back to the lessons of Feng Shui to add a touch of soft colour to your walls that will help you sleep like a baby all night long!

Bring the living room back to life

It is easy to ignore the decor of your living room when the TV is on and the lights are switched off. However, this is the room that is at the heart of your home, from being the place where you welcome your guests to the nest where you spend quiet evenings together. So take a step back and look at the room as a blank canvas again. Think about the feeling that you want your living room to evoke before you can begin the makeover journey. If you want something open and minimalist, do strip the walls of bright colours to focus on neutral tones. If you want something sophisticated but simple, choose a colour scheme and use it on your walls and on your furniture, with throws and cushions - there is no need to change furniture! In short, be playful with your desires!

New kitchen

Nothing looks more depressing than an outdated and tired kitchen! But before you consider renovating your kitchen, there are a few tips to make it look modern and fresh again. If your kitchen cabinets are beginning to look grey instead of white, painting them is the easiest way to create a new look. If you prefer to change the design, you could consider adding colour with a feature wall using a wallpaper specifically designed for the kitchen. This will give you a new kitchen in an afternoon’s work!

Love your green garden 

Gardens can easily get forgotten in the great makeover scheme. Don’t overlook your garden: This is the first impression that your neighbours get of your family. So make it a good one by looking after your garden. One of the easiest way to transform your garden is to cut the lawn into a shape, like a circle for example. If you are looking for something more significant, planting a fruit tree in your garden can add the little homely touch that you were looking for.


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