Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Planning events that the whole family can enjoy

Looking after a family can be hard work sometimes - no matter the size of your family! Looking after a home and trying to care for your children after a really tough day of the office can take its toll. We should all find the time to settle down and enjoy life. Every single one of us is guilty of taking life and our family for granted, some of the time.

Allow yourself and your family to enjoy life. You don’t have to resort to the same old routine every single day! The world is rushing by, so find the time to enjoy the little things in life. Plan events that your family can enjoy and experience something different. You might even forge a new family tradition.

The easiest thing to do is get your children in the kitchen. Pick one night a week where everyone can get together and help cook a meal. Whether it’s chopping vegetables (under supervision) or washing potatoes, your kids can help! A family meal night is something you should consider, because it folds easily into your routine!

A movie night is a great option too. You can choose a film or two, or allow your children to choose two films on a set night of the working week. If they aren’t choosing the film, maybe you could allow them to pick the snacks! It’s a fantastic way to get the family together to wind down of an evening. Plus, with apps like ShowBox ( which offer a huge variety of movies, you’re never going to run out of things to watch. You might even want to take movie night outdoors with a nice big screen and a projector on a summer’s night. In the winter, you can visit the big screens down at the cinema!

Video games offer a more competitive or co-operative night for the family. You might arrange a family game night around a board game, or a video game like FIFA. Most of the family can play together! Two or more players can enjoy most sports games and competitive streak is something to enjoy! Don’t go overboard though. Gaming consoles can be super expensive, but if this is something your family wants - spare no expense!

You might even think of a family holiday. Consult your family and see where they would like to go (within reason) and enjoy some time away. Plan well, and pack even better to ensure the needs of your children are met whilst your'e away. You could create some amazing memories!


With everything it is important to speak to and communicate with your family, so you understand their needs. If you’re driving ahead on your own and commanding everyone, people are going to get frustrated. All the events you plan can’t revolve solely around you! Communicate with each other and be sure to arrange activities and ideas that can make your family happy at all times and make your year a one to remember.

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