Thursday, 19 January 2017

My top 5 Disney purchases // Our trip to Walt Disney World, 2016

Hands up, who likes a Disney haul?! I love seeing what people buy on their Disney holidays and you can often find me watching people talk about their shopping on YouTube or pouncing on blog posts that contain Disney merchandise. I don't know what it is about Disney shopping, I just know that I love it! 

Our holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida was quite a few months ago now. I had planned on putting together a proper haul post (of sorts, anyway) quite soon after we returned home but it's just one of those things I just didn't get around to doing what with us all getting flu shortly after we got home. Argh! As you can imagine, once we had unpacked our suitcases our Disney purchases were soon dispersed around the house and collecting it all together would have been a nightmare!

So, I thought the next best thing might be to share my top five favourite purchases. And let me tell you, getting this list down to just five items was real hard. We tried to keep our purchasing down to products that we knew we couldn't get easily here in the UK, especially with the exchange rate currently not being the best. We still managed to buy a lot of stuff though! 

We found that the gift shop at our resort (Art of Animation) was really well stocked so a lot of purchases were found there but I'll try and list where each product was purchased, just in case anyone is interested!

Ok, here we go! 

1. Beauty & the Beast Chip mugs

We'll start with my favourite. Beauty & the Beast is my all time favourite Disney movie so of course, I wasn't going to come home without the ceramic Chip mug. He's absolutely precious! I had been eyeing him up for a few days around shops in Walt Disney World but I am so glad that I waited because I found this one in the Disney Character Warehouse on International Drive for $8 as opposed to the $21.99 they charge on Disney property. Exact same product in every way, of course!
Kiddo fell in love with him too so back at our resort shop, we found a smaller plastic version for her. Now we can have our drinks in matching cups and it is so cute! 

2. Mickey Mouse patterned vase

I saw this vase in Island Mercantile in Animal Kingdom and instantly fell in love with it. I love it because not only is it something that I will use, it's also pretty subtle and not too overly 'Disney'. That ikat pattern is gorgeous. It looks great in our living room, I'm so pleased I bought this home with me! 

3. Minnie & Mickey sweater

One of two sweaters I bought whilst we were in Walt Disney World. I found this one at the Ink & Paint shop at the Art of Animation resort and thought that it was just too cute not to buy! It's a nice oversized fit and I just love wearing it around the house as it's not bulky but is still super warm. If I remember rightly it cost around $50 which was a bargain if you ask me.... I wear it all the time!

4. Beauty & the Beast Tsum Tsum collection

I saw these being put out on the shelves in Disney's EarPort at MCO on the way home and I pounced on them like a crazy lady. It is the first time I have seen the full set together and so I didn't hesitate in purchasing one of each. Miss E collects Tsum Tsums and she spent a good few hours playing with them in the airport when our flight home was delayed. Well worth the price, if just for that alone! 

5. Disney Parks attraction poster calendar for 2017

I purchased this in one of the shops on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.... I forget it's name, the one on the left as you enter! This calendar is oversized and both the print and paper quality are stunning. Each page has a poster for a different attraction or restaurant, and the pages are not just restricted to Walt Disney World either. I'm not one for writing things on calendars (much prefer my diary!) so the fact that it's so simple in it's design is just perfect. Each month you can tear the dates off and you're left with a gorgeous poster that can easily be framed. I'll definitely buy another one of these for 2018 if they sell them! 


  1. Wow!I love the vase and calendar!!I now just want to go, with the sole purpose of buying these xx

  2. I really love that vase and it's definitely the sort of thing I'll be looking out for in November!

    I have the Chip mug and its one of my favourite things from Disney.

    Victoria x

  3. I dont know how we missed that vase and the poster calendar on our last trip, they're amazing! We have a vase similar that we bought from John Lewis as our bedroom is like a moroccan style but it doesn't have Mickeys on it :(!!