Monday, 23 January 2017

Mixing business with pleasure // How to stay focused when working from home

A lot of people consider working from home to be their absolute dream. After all, what could be better? Setting your own hours, staying in bed, working in your pyjamas? Sounds perfect right?! Well, I'm here to say that the reality is hardly as rosy and perfect as a lot of people tend to think. 
For one thing, there's one very important word in "work from home" that people always forget about: "work." Don't let the idea of staying at home all day fool you; you'll need to work just as hard, if not harder when you're at home than you would if you were in an office! 
One of the main reasons behind that is because you've also got to figure out how to stay focused while surrounded by all of the typical distractions that your home has to offer you. Trust me, trying to work while watching daytime TV simply doesn't work! But to make that a little bit easier, here are a few ways to make sure that you stay focused while working from home.

Set aside a working space

This might be the most important thing that you can do. It might be tempting to stay in bed all day to work or to cuddle up under a blanket on the sofa, but you're never going to be able to get into work mode if you do that. Make sure you have an area of your home set aside for working and working only. If you have a room that you can use as an office that's perfect. Make sure that environment in your workspace helps you be as productive as possible. Make sure the lighting is right for one thing. If the lights are too dull, then you're going to end up getting tired and lose motivation. Check out Strictly Led's to find the best lighting solutions for your home office.

Set yourself regular hours

The ability to set your own hours is definitely one of the best things about working from home, but that doesn't mean that you should just work whenever you want. If you don't have a regular schedule, then you're inevitably going to end up putting things off until the last minute and getting incredibly stressed out. By giving yourself regular hours, including breaks, you're going to help to create a much more professional, productive environment.

Work with a friend

One of the biggest issues that come with working from home is the amount of time that you often spend on your own. In a regular workplace, you almost always have colleagues to talk to and discuss things with. When you work from home, it's usually just you and you alone. If you know anyone else who also works from home then why not pair up and work in the same space from time to time. That way you can avoid getting cabin fever from spending too much time on your own. Just make sure that you don't cause too much of a distraction for each other! 

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