Monday, 16 January 2017

Bathroom planning // Three space saving bath tubs

This post contains sponsored content but as always, all words are my own. 

We bought our first home over five years ago now and one of the first jobs that we wanted to tackle was the bathroom. We pretty much hated everything about it from the layout to its lack of storage and from the lack of ventilation to the fact that we don't even have a working shower. 

Well, here we are five years later. Our bathroom remains very much in the same state as when we bought the house. Orange ceiling and all! It was just one of those things where life gets in the way and so the bathroom renovation pushed to the side. 

Although we won't be financially able to rip out our current bathroom this year (somebody needs to stop me booking holidays for sure!), it doesn't stop me planning our future bathing space because when we do get around to doing it, we want to get it right.

My ideal bathroom would be a room that is not just family friendly but is a functional, practical space that isn't wasteful in its design or performance.

I'm thinking easy to clean wall tiles and flooring, lots of storage (I hate having products out!), underfloor heating and a simple but practical bathroom suite.

As is normal with Victorian terraced houses, both our kitchen and bathroom spaces are absolutely tiny. It's an actual struggle sometimes to give kiddo a bath and have enough space to get her ready afterwards. So I've been on the hunt for space saving bath solutions!

Here are three options that we have been considering, let me know which one is your favourite! 

The practical option

Walk-in bath tubs are something that you might think is reserved purely for people with specific needs but in fact, all kind of people could benefit from having one installed in their home. I can't tell you how many times my child has tried to climb into the bath by herself (You should hear the screams if I try and assist her! #preschoollife) and having a walk-in bath would surely alleviate some of the stress! The range of  walk-in baths over at Premier Care in Bathing include some super space saving options too with inward opening doors and easy entry, perfect for small and narrow bathrooms like ours! 

I've also read that having a walk-in bath can add value to your home, especially if you're in a retirement community. It really is a win/win situation here, isn't it?! 

Definitely something for us to consider! 

The luxury option

This is the bath we almost bought when we were actually going to renovate the bathroom. I just love everything about it, and not just the fact that you can get it painted in pretty much any colour you want! Those gold, iron and bronze burnished finishes are just perfection though, aren't they?! 

The Tubby Tub (even the name is cute!) from the Albion Bath Company has been created for the tiniest of bathrooms. It's also created from Albion's unique iso-enamel which is strong, durable and built to last. This material also keeps bath water hotter for longer which means you don't need to keep topping it up with the hot tap..... something that I am very guilty of doing! 

The only issue with this bath now is that it's probably not the most child friendly option. They do have other baths that would fit into our bathroom though so i'm definitely keeping our options open!

The budget option

I love, love, love taking baths but sometimes you just want to hop in and out of the shower and be done in 5 minutes. Bath lovers, am I right?! This space saving option from Better Bathrooms ticks all the right boxes and is compact and super simple in it's design yet it still provides the opportunity for a luxury bathing experience. It's design is great for a super small family bathroom giving you the option of both bath and shower, all in one. It's a complete bargain too!


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