Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Bathroom planning // Some ideas for a small bathroom space

This post contains sponsored content but as always, all words are my own. 

When it comes to planning our future bathroom renovation, my main concern is space.... or rather, our lack of it! We live in a small Victorian terraced house and as you can imagine, both our kitchen and bathroom spaces are rather teeny tiny!

We have a busy household and our bathroom space really needs to work effectively for us as a family. There's no question of making the room bigger so we will have to work with the space that we have. 

I've often spent time imagining our future bathroom and today I wanted to share a few ideas that I've had to make the most out of a small bathroom. I'd love to implement some of these when it comes to renovating our bathroom and I hope that it might give you a few ideas if you are currently planning your new bathroom too!

Knowing where to save space

As someone who is interested in minimalism, I am keen to continuously question what items we need and what we could do without. As a family, you'd think having an actual bath tub is an essential.... right? But in fact, the more I think about it the more I think having a walk-in shower or even a wet room could be super effective too. 

Wet rooms have the ability to create a more functional, usable space and have the benefit of making the room appear bigger too. They also can be custom made to fit the room exactly so there's no having to squeeze a bath tub into awkward small spaces. It's also worth remembering that wet rooms have an inclusive design and therefore can be used by pretty much anybody regardless of their age or ability. Perfect for people who might have difficulty using a regular bath.

If you're wondering what the wet room cost might be then you might want to consider companies that offer a free no-obligation home survey such as Bathing Solutions who provide a stylish and contemporary solution when it comes to wet rooms. It's something we'll definitely be looking into!

Install a simple suite and furniture 

There are many benefits to installing a simple, unfussy bathroom suite, especially in a small bathroom. Clean lines, space saving units, lots of storage and considering furniture without handles will ensure that your bathroom remains clutter free and easy to clean. 

A wall hung vanity unit would visual maximise the space as more of the floor can be seen and not only would it make cleaning a breeze but it would provide extra storage underneath if, like us, you need to store items such as children's step stools.

I'm quite a fan of basin and WC combination units too as not only do they provide extra counter and storage space, it keeps that ugly pipework concealed. Just what we need! Better Bathrooms have a fantastic range of combination units, something we'll definitely be looking into getting once it comes to fitting our new bathroom. 

Hidden Storage

I'm one of those people that hate having products 'out' in the bathroom. Unfortunately we currently don't have anywhere to put them away so something i'll definitely be looking into is adding storage wherever we can! Whether it is a cupboard underneath the sink or a large mirrored cabinet on the wall, i'm all for multi-purpose products. 
Mirrored cabinets don't have to be too expensive either, I love this one from Ikea which is a bargain and would not only provide enough storage for our everyday products, but would reflect the light beautifully in our small bathroom too!

Installing a concealed shower

I am quite the fan of hiding as much pipework and excess as possible so something we'll be looking into is getting a concealed shower installed. They look so much cleaner and simple than regular showers as all the bits that do the work are neatly concealed behind your bathroom tiles leaving only the essential parts out on display. Less to clean and easy on the eye, i'm sold!  

Tile choices

Using light colours in a small, dark room is really quite a no-brainer isn't it?! Something we'll also be considering though is the size and shape of the tiles we choose for our bathroom. I am a huge fan of metro tiles although having them in our bathroom is something we'll probably actually avoid.

Larger wall tiles would mean less grout lines and therefore would make the room appear less detailed in addition to needing less maintenance. I'd also love to use the same tiles on both the walls and the floor, this would create a seamless appearance and open the space right up. I love the Stadia Cliff Tile from Topps Tiles which is a porcelain tile that replicates real marble. Absolutely gorgeous!

Do you have any tips for making the most of a small bathroom? I'd love to know. Let me know in a comment below!

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