Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Minimal, traditional, cosy or trend follower - Which home decor personality type are you?

The decor we use in our home is such a personal decision. To one person, a room may look just how they want it with the perfect blend of function and style. They can't imagine anything better.
Then you might show that same room to another person, and they will think it's a complete disaster zone. What the first person calls quirky; they call a mess. What one thinks is clean lines and minimal; the other thinks is unpleasantly utility-like. There really is no pleasing everyone!  

Whilst we are all unique however, there are some things that unite us. Recognising your personal philosophy towards decor is can help you find your own style and stick to it, rather than adhering to what trends dictate you "should" like. So which one are you?

The trend follower

Is everything in your home currently in line with the principle of "hygge"? Was it like that before everyone started obsessing over hygge? If so, you get a pass. If not - well, you might be a Trend Follower.

There's nothing wrong with following trends; they help shape and define us. That's why it's an individual style; because you find yourself loving things that are presented to you as fresh and new. The appeal is unlikely to be just following a style because someone says you should - you like it because it's different.

Your home is... Up-to-date and innovative. Right now, that means lanterns, cosiness, and a few rustic touches. You're more likely to choose style over function with your furniture. You may even have occasionally removed something that you love, just because it signals last season to you. You're also more likely to be accommodating to discomfort; you'll use uncomfortable bar stools in the kitchen as they look good. The fact you slip off them occasionally is irrelevant!

The cosy seeker

You were hygge before hygge was a 'thing'. Your home is all about comfort. If it happens to fall into line with current trends, that's fine - but it's not a priority. You always want to have somewhere to sit and you want to be comfortable while doing it.

Your home is... Textured, with plenty of fabrics and warm, inviting colours. Some of your furniture might be a little hotch-potch, amassed as a collection of things you love rather than a whole matching set. You're more likely to have sofas that you can sink into, Tempur mattresses and more cushions than you know what to do with. Your wall art is chosen for how it makes you feel rather than how it looks.

The minimalist

It's all about the Cs for you: crisp, cool, clean. Everything has its place, and every piece of furniture has a function; nothing gets you excited like the words "hidden storage". Clutter is the enemy and must be banished. The only way you could be persuaded to cleave your style to trends is if the current trend already fits in with the things you like.

Your home is... Simplistic and monochrome. Fabrics are kept to a minimum, and geometric prints and art-deco styles about. You cherish your cable tidy with the love most of us reserve for our first born. Furniture tends to be higher than normal, so there is more free space beneath - which of course, you place nothing to fill. Where others seek a nook and cranny to be decorated, you see a beautiful space of nothingness. Ornaments are kept to a minimum; wall art is more statement individual pieces than lots of small objects.

The traditionalist with a twist

In some respects, your home is not that different than your parents home would have been. And your grandparents. You have all of the key pieces of furniture you need, though it doesn't need to match to make you happy. Storage is there but it's okay if things clutter outside of it.

Your home is... The same as it always has been, with a couple of twists. The differentiation between the decades, for you, is about finishing touches. Once upon a time, you had a lava lamp. Now you have a geometric light fitting. The base look remains the same, while you indulge changing fashions in terms of the interior design and decor.

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