Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to create functionality in your bedroom

We often hear about ways in which we can make our bedrooms as pretty as possible. Many people see their bedrooms as their own personal sanctuaries, where they and they alone can come to relax. But an important aspect of bedroom design that we often forget is the functionality of it. Your bedroom has to work for you - after all, it's your room! 

If you are a parent, or if you live with a friend, this is even more important. Having all your important possessions scattered around the home will only mean that you are constantly going back and forth around the house looking for things - when you should be able to store them in your bedroom. Plus, having a bedroom that is not conducive to sleep can be a recipe for disaster. Of course, everyone wants a bedroom that looks good. But here are some ways you can ensure that your's DOES good as well.

Suitable lighting

Have you ever noticed that as soon as lights are dimmed in a room, you immediately feel more sleepy? At the other end of the spectrum, harsh, bright lights can sometimes signal to our bodies and brains that we need to be awake and alert. Therefore, choosing the right kind of lighting for your bedroom is very important, as it can often be the deciding factor between a good and a bad sleep. 

Having just your ceiling light as the only light source in the room is never a good idea when it comes to your bedroom. Unless it has a dimmer switch, this means that your light is either on or off. Plus, no one likes having to get out of bed when you're just about to nod off to switch off the light! Instead, invest in a cute table lamp for you to have next to your bed. It should be something that provides a cosy ambience, which will send you off to sleep in no time.

Practical furniture options

When choosing your bedroom furniture, you have every right to get creative and quirky. But, there are some absolute essentials that you can't do without. The table lamp mentioned above will need to be on top of some kind of surface to work properly. So investing in a bedside cabinet to put it on is a must. If it has a drawer, even better; it's somewhere to store essentials such as your keys and phone whilst you sleep. 

A good bookcase and a wardrobe that is large enough for all your clothes are both other items that a functional bedroom might need.

Good blinds or curtains

Unless you are someone who likes to be woken up by the sunrise, you probably like to draw the curtains whilst you are in your bedroom. Many homes are now overlooked by other properties or various nearby buildings, so privacy is more valued than ever these days. A good set of blinds can give you the privacy you need. Or, if you prepare a more classic, dramatic look for your home, why not dress your window with an amazing pair of curtains? 

For those people who struggle to sleep when there is a light source, blackout blinds and curtains are also popular options. 

Once you've nailed these basics, you will realise how important it is to have a bedroom that works well for you! 

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