Friday, 2 December 2016

Home improvement, dodgy DIY jobs and asbestos // #HealthAndHome

We bought our first home five years ago and we were well aware at the time of purchase that it was very much a bit of a fixer upper! However, despite the survey coming back ok and all the improvements we wanted to undertake being mostly cosmetic, it soon became apparent that we had much more work to carry out on our new home than we had initially planned!

Once we got the keys and we began the task of making the house 'our home', we discovered countless shoddy and dangerous DIY jobs from the previous owners.... dodgy electrics that required an entire rewire of the house, a garden shed that was built on top of an existing pond (what the heck?!) and damp walls that had been very, very cleverly disguised.
Also, let's not forget the doors that don't actually even vaguely shut, a shower that leaks more down the back of the pipe than out of the actual shower head and an actual wall that fell down when we attempted to remove the wallpaper from it. Honestly if you don't laugh, you'll cry!

But let's see the positives too. We decided to stay here and see this project through because, well I actually love this little house. It's a lovely little Victorian terraced house that is just the right size for us. We've DIY'ed our way around it, fixing up what we can and we have no hesitations in calling in professional help when we need it. It's the house we brought our daughter into, something which I am quite sentimental about. So for this reason, we have decided that 2017 is going to be the year we start tackling the big stuff. A new bathroom, new doors and woodwork, sealing up the windows and once and for all, sorting out the damp issue.

As much as I love DIY, upcycling old furnutire and putting together flat pack furniture though, I certainly know my limitations. We will be calling in professional help for the big stuff. A job worth doing is worth doing right and there is so much to be considered, especially where safety is concerned. 

A recent bit of research has shown that a whopping 48% of people are unconcerned about risks to their health when undertaking DIY projects and for example, there are a high number of people who would happily drill into a wall in their home without thinking about the potential threat to their health.

One thing I've never considered until very recently is getting an asbestos survey done but it is most certainly now on our 'to do' list for the new year. 

Asbestos was a popular building material once upon a time and exposure to it can cause cause mesothelioma which is a form of cancer that develops in the lungs or abdomen. It's symptoms can take 20 to 50 years to show up and whilst asbestos is now banned because of its health risks, it can still be found in homes, buildings and even vintage furniture. An asbestos survey will be a one off expense and will certainly put our minds at rest!

I wanted to raise some awareness for this because apparently 61% of people do not know what mesothelioma is and many of us have probably never considered getting a simple asbestos survey carried out.

Slater and Gordon have recently put together this amazing infographic which is filled with all the facts you need to know along with some super DIY tips which will help you detect where those potential dangers are. Go on, have a read!

Slater and Gordon are leading mesothelioma lawyers and if you have ever been in contact with asbestos then simply pop over to their website to see how they can help you with compensation claims!

Have you ever had an asbestos survey at home? Or do you have any DIY stories to share (the funnier the better in my book!)? Let me know in a comment below!

* This is a sponsored post but all words are my own

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