Friday, 18 November 2016

Why you should have a clear out at home before Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, many of us might be thinking about gifts to buy. There can seem like a never-ending list of people to buy for sometimes. The cost of it can spiral out of control a little too, can't it? It is easy to start shopping earlier in the year. But the worst is if I forget what I have bought and then just buy more! If you are looking to save some money in the run up to Christmas, then it might be a good idea to have a bit of a clear out. Here are more of the reasons why you should.

Make room for the new

It is lovely to get new gifts and new things in the home. But if you don’t take control, before you know it your house will just be full of ‘stuff.’ So having a rule of one in and one out, can help to free up some space. You don’t have to just throw things away, though. You could take things to charity or pass them onto others that could get use of them. Baby items, for example, are really bulky. But if you’re finished with them, giving them to a friend to use can be a massive help. You could also sell some of the things that you want to clear out. There are many sites out there to sell your things, as well as Facebook groups. I might even sell my iPad online to make some money this Christmas.

Teach your children

I think when we sit with our kids and sort through their things with them, it teaches them an important lesson. It shows them the value of money and how much things cost. It also teaches them that the toys and belongings are just stuff. So many of our children have a lot. But if we explain to them about children with less, it can make a massive difference to their attitude. You could ask them what they would live to give away, and take part in a shoebox appeal, for example.

Get rid of things that you don’t use

When we come towards the end of a year, it can become obvious what you have used that year or not. You can have a look at what toys, items of clothing or pairs of shoes that haven’t been worn all year. If they haven’t been used for several months, then will you use them again?

Start a new year resolution early

If you often set the resolution to get organised, then why not make this the time that you do it? There is also no time like the present. So if you want to be a little more organised, why not start now? A de clutter is a great way to start. Start with a small area. It could be the toy box, wardrobe or kitchen cupboards.... whatever area you decide to clear out, it will surely make a big difference!

Have you thought about having a clear out before Christmas? What area in your house would you tackle first? Let me know in a comment below!

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