Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Small budget, big results // Upgrading your home without breaking the bank

Homeowner or tenant, we all want a happier home environment. After all, a happy home life is the foundation of a content and comfortable existence for the entire family. Sadly, financial limitations can often slam the brakes on our dreams of building a better property.

But it doesn’t have to. With the right mindset, there’s nothing to stop you achieving great results, even if your budget is tiny. Embrace these five tips, and you should see huge benefits in next to no time.

Think practically

Maybe you desire the huge curved television or a lavish hot tub but be realistic. Your priorities should stick to the fundamentals of a happy home. Boosting the water pressure of your shower, for example, is a simple job. But its impact can influence your lives on a daily basis!

Likewise, you need to ensure that your heating and ventilation systems are running as expected. You won’t be able to enjoy the luxury items if the basics aren’t in place.

Make every room count

On the subject of being practical, it’s imperative that every room has a function. Letting your spare room or garage become a glorified storage space is one of the worst things you can do. Fixing this problem should be one of your primary objectives.

Turning the room into an office or playroom isn’t overly difficult. Even if you aren’t a DIY expert, painting a few wall is super simple. Follow this guide here and you cannot go wrong!

Stop throwing things away

As a society, we have a horrible tendency to throw things away. However, giving your unwanted an extra purpose via sale or upcycling can make a world of difference.

This simple change of tactic can help protect your budget while clawing back valuable floor space. The key is to be strict and honest with yourself. Do this, and go through your home this weekend. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

You don’t have to change everything

A change of interior aesthetic injects a new lease of life into your home. And it can be tempting to conduct a complete overhaul. In some rooms, however, taking a few shortcuts is the far better solution. Not only for your budget, but also for your time.

The kitchen is an ideal example. Rather than replacing everything, new kitchen taps like these from can have a huge impact. Moreover, replacing the doors rather than the whole cupboard is a far easier and cheaper method to bring the same level of improvement. Similarly, new toilet seats and accessories offer a cost-effective bathroom upgrade.

Add curb appeal

Your home doesn’t start and end with those four walls. The external features of your property can often dictate your mood before you’ve even stepped in the front door. Whether it’s new gravel for the driveway, an artificial lawn, or a new doorbell doesn’t matter. Any upgrade in this crucial area of the home will not go unnoticed.

Many homeowners ignore the benefits of attending to this part of the home, but you can be better. Besides, it sets a better impression for visitors too.

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