Tuesday, 22 November 2016

From nursery to bedroom // Interior challenges for the preschool years

Most of us live in small houses with small bedrooms and almost zero built-in storage. Having a family in a home like this will always be challenging. Of course, a nursery is never a problem. A little cot, some space for a changing cupboard. What more do you need? Then baby starts toddling. And then they’re climbing. In just a few short months, that cute little cot is transformed into a cute little bed. Then life gets progressively tricky!

By the time your little one is ready for preschool, and reception class, the cot bed will be too small. It will be time to consider a full sized single bed. If you need to use the nursery room for a bedroom, you will have to work out what you are going to do with all the baby things. You can use self storage facilities if your home doesn’t have enough space. It also saves you having to buy everything again if you choose to expand your family in the coming years.

Your empty nursery might need a fresh lick of paint or some fun wallpaper that your child will enjoy. Perhaps a new carpet is required? Don’t forget the light shade and curtains. Of course, these could be themed with your child’s favourite TV character. Chances are you can find a good set that will delight them. Wall decals or posters can also brighten up the room cheaply and easily. If your little one is a budding artist, try to provide a space where their crayons can wander free without devastating results.

The nursery might have been affectionately named the ‘box’ room before you were pregnant. This small room, typical in terraced houses, is usually only just long enough for a bed. It leaves very little space for anything else once the bed is there. This is why more and more parents look for beds that are cabin or bunk bed style. This provides a lot of clever storage solutions. It also means you can put cupboards and shelves higher up the wall that can be used from the elevated bed.

Safety is essential, so be sure to invest in the right mattress depth for the bed you choose. And you will probably benefit from a secure guard rail too. Just rolling out of bed is enough to wake a child with a jolt, disturbing everyone’s sleep. But rolling off an elevated bed is dangerous. Check the cabin or bunk bed you pick is suitable for your child now rather than buying something that she’ll grow into.

Some beds have little desks or a playhouse underneath. This can be a really useful space for your child. Maximising a minimal square footage isn’t easy after all. Add a little battery-powered light, some glow in the dark star shapes and your child will be delighted with their new room. And with a little desk, you know you’re ready for reception class homework! Of course, it won’t be long before they grow out of this space too. But for now, enjoy!

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