Saturday, 8 October 2016

Now you are three

I have no idea how we are at 'three' already. That age seemed so very far away and all of a sudden it crept up on us out of nowhere. A busy summer, a busy year. And here we are, in October once again.

My sweet daughter, you are the most precious gift. So intelligent, so funny. You are full of wonder and love exploring the world around you. You love being outdoors, there's nothing you love more than fresh air and space to explore. Your love for animals and your love for your dog makes my heart burst.... you are so kind, gentle and playful.

You ask us to read to you oh so many times a day. Your love for books is something you have definitely inherited from your daddy! We love reading with you, we love reading to you. Your favourite stories range from classic fairy tales to stories about wonky eyed fish. We always have a huge stash of library books on the go for you!

We love your sweet little voice, you're just starting to sing. Only when you think mummy and daddy aren't listening though! You say the funniest things and you certainly know what makes us laugh.

You're so helpful. Polite. And you give the best cuddles (which are only ever given on your terms!). You're independent, constantly seeking to learn and you certainly know what you want. You're very much like your mama! 

You give us so much joy that I can't even begin to put it into words. You brighten our days immeasurably. We will strive to keep giving you new experiences, to take you new places, to see new things. You make our little family complete and we love you so very much!

Happy 3rd birthday, my princess! x


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