Friday, 14 October 2016

MegaBleu Games Review // Cobrattack and The Enchanted Ball

There was a lot of excitement in our house a few weeks ago when the postman delivered a box of games from the lovely people at MegaBleu to review. Kiddo has just reached that age where she has discovered the joy board games, she loves a bit of snakes and ladders. Playing games is such a fun way to engage together! 

Originating in France, MegaBleu are a company who specialise in making innovative and amusing games that offer a nice twist on the traditional board game and are perfect for the whole family to play together. 

We were sent out two games to try out, Cobrattack and The Enchanted Ball and as you can imagine, we couldn't wait to get stuck in!

First up, we have Cobrattack. This game is designed for one or more players and the rules of the game are super simple. Dare you come close to the basket to snatch the emerald and beat the Cobra? The challenge is to retrieve the emerald without the cobra (who's hiding inside the basket) seeing you. You may move as long as his eyes are green. If the eyes change to red, it means he's watching you so you must stand as still as a statue! If he catches you moving twice then he will leap out of the basket and the game is over. If you get the emerald? Then you are the winner! It's pretty much like an electronic version of the statues games (or grandmothers footsteps as it is sometimes called!) and it is great

The game was really easy to set up. Inside the box you'll find a snake, the basket, a plastic emerald and a key. There is also an instruction booklet. To play the game you'll need to insert 4 AA batteries into the basket, these are not included. 

We loved this game, it is super fun and I think it would make a great party game too! What we especially loved was the minimal fuss in setting it up and the fact that it can be played with as little as just one player or as many players as you like. 
The cobra popping out of the basket may be a little unnerving for small children especially as it does it quite suddenly! However, we found that even though the recommended age for this game is 5+ years, kiddo understood it all and really got into playing it. It really is super and one that we'll be bringing out again and again to play. 

Next, we have The Enchanted Ball. Miss E isn't very much of a 'girly' girl so we took a chance on choosing this one to try out but after a few weeks of playing it, I can safely say that it has rapidly become one of her most played games. 

Once again, there was minimal fuss in setting up the game when we first took it out of the box. We thought that adding the stickers to the board yourself was a really nice touch because what child doesn't like sticking stickers to everything in sight?! The game requires three AAA batteries that do not come included. These are inserted into the base of the main body of the game and once you've done that, you're ready to go! 

I'd also like to mention that there a number of small pieces (lots of coloured stars and dancing ladies!) that could easily get lost so have a zip-lock bag or small storage box ready to keep them in when you're not using the game!

The game is really easy to play and offers an inventive twist on a traditional board game. Each player moves around the board with the aim of climbing the stairs to enter the ballroom to join the prince for a dance. When one (or more, depending on which square you land on!) of the ladies enters the ballroom, the music will start and a dance will commence. If a lady falls into the arms of the prince by the time the music stops, she will earn herself a coloured star. The first player to collect four of these stars is the winner!

This game teaches turn taking, patience and is super fun to play. Miss E loves seeing the figures dance and she gets quite competitive when it comes to collecting those stars! 

The Enchanted Ball can be played with 2-4 players and the length of game play can really vary. It's definitely not one you can rush, in the same way that snakes and ladders or ludo could either be completed quickly or take forever! It's a perfect game for a rainy afternoon or when you have a little bit more time and we absolutely love it!  

Many thanks to MegaBleu for sending these games out for us to try. We really love them both, they will be absolutely perfect for rainy day play at home over the coming winter months!

Do you play board games with your children? What are your favourites? And have you ever tried out any games from MegaBleu before? Let me know in a comment below!

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